Friday, 11 October 2013

Shocking Heaven By D.H. Sidebottom

I am not sure what to make of this one. I don't know where it all went and how we skipped through situations and years so frequently. We literally skipped 6 months after she fell asleep in Jax's arms. -_-
Faith seem to also shift at literally the blink of an eye and by the end of this book, we have spanned 4 years and I am not so sure where time or the story went.

I don't really connect with Jax as a character, but I find his back story an interesting one. Especially with regards to his speech. The boy couldn't construct a proper sentence to save his life! Only a few understood him, certainly not me. Not even the epilogue helped. I still don't know or connect with Jax's character like everyone else.

I really didn't mind them as a couple, but I have no clue when and how they fell in love and I never got that strong bond that they developed. They had such huge gaps of good times, then a current of bad, then it's all rainbow and sunshine again.

Dawn seems to have a thing for hysterectomy, because almost all of her female characters succumb to this unfortunate occurrence in her novels. Totally unfair for this pair, especially what they been through ... but what can you do? o.O

I like E. Even if her nickname annoys me to no end. After all, it is a letter and not a name. Still, I love her in all her crazy and always love when a female character is strong and takes a stand. I hate when the whimper and cry all over the place like a dog. No offence Bruce ;)

We didn't spend as much time with the other characters, especially Aaron. I don't even know what happened to all of them in the end. I could surely use a Cam update at this rate. Plus, what happened in the two years between E and the whole band is a mystery! I just think the issues were so trivial and lack so much of the angst and drama or roller coaster ride I expect from a D.H. Sidebottom novel.

I loved the lyrics to the originals and even the covers. I also like the side that this rock star romance was taken from. It's nice to see the female side of things, and especially in a different country. The slangs, lingo and culture of the UK are welcomed as always.

I believe the ending of this novel was too whimsical and unrealistic, which left much to be desired and answered. I am still a little in the dark. Honestly, there are so many loose ends and it seems this story has ended, or at least from the POV of E and Jax.

Despite the lack of spark, suspense, drama and fuel needed to drive this story, I was kept interested enough to read until the end. Still, I believe this story lack something to take it to that next level. It was fairly okay, but too submissive and compliant as a novel. It's like everything was going wrong whilst nothing went wrong. Totally redundant, but that's the vibe you get.

I can however see myself reading more about this band, because I love the times spent with the guys and would love to see their individual relationships, especially as it relates to their names.

This story gives you nuggets of interest, but it fell flat otherwise for me. I was looking and couldn't find, and found and lost at the same time. All too confusing and unclear. I had a million questions at the end of this one but I'm still a D.H. Sidebottom fan and can't wait to see Boss's story and what this gentle giant is all about.

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