Saturday, 19 October 2013

Conversion By S.C. Stephens

Well, my journey in YA Paranormal continues with 'Conversion' and once again, I am pleased :)

I don't know if it's my indifference to the genre or my love for all books S.C. Stephens, but I really liked this one. It was more of a comedy than a paranormal for me. Maybe this is what I appreciate, as oppose to a die hard paranormal fan, who live for the angst and suspense of it all. Everyone likes a little bad vamp here and there!

Emma is hilarious and Teren is ... let's just say special. He's a little mini Edward. Though I see no Twilight influence within this novel. It is all S.C. Stephens and her eclectic, yes eclectic, group of vampires.

Once again, not being a paranormal junkie, I enjoyed the light note of this novel. The seriousness of it all only hit us in small bouts and for all intent and purposes, we saw more of a new couple struggling through a budding relationship and pressure from a dying breed of vampires. Or so they thought ...

Anyhoo, this was a comfortable angst free read. The usual drama was kept to a minimum and only literally at the end were you kept on your feet wondering what's next. Honestly, in true S.C. Stephens style, I had no clue about my assumptions and whenever I thought I had it all figured out, something completely different happened.

I loved all the characters and I wish I could have seen Halina in action. After all, this is a vamp paranormal. A little human binge is required I believe. Still, I didn't mind the little bouts of real vampire life and desire that we got closer to the end.

I loved getting a new breed of vampires and I love even more the human side of Teren. Their easy relationship and moments spent together were sweet, romantic and unlike most vampire novels. There was never the 'I'm too good for you speech' and I loved Emma's strength and reactions to different situations as they arrived.

As always, this author is not one to skim on the descriptions and I felt connected and apart of this story throughout. Details were given for every and any thing and I appreciated the unorthodox beginning as to what Teren was and Emma's reaction. As I said before, this book started off with laughs instead of angst. They seemed normal, and if not for the few moments of fangs being bared, I would completely forget that this is suppose to be a paranormal.

While I never got that scorching passion I love in a romance novel, I liked them together as a couple. They were easy to love and feel comfortable with. I was interested throughout this novel and was glad for the line between normal and paranormal that we toed till the end. Normalcy I think lessen the angst and drama of being a paranormal novel. After all, the man drinks cappuccinos and has a dog name Spike o.O 

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