Saturday, 26 October 2013

Beat of the Heart By Katie Ashley

First, I gotta say, that cover is so AJ. The cocky smirk and all is totally the embodiment of the sexy as sin drummer!

Now, let me start off by saying thank you to Katie Ashley for not giving us another tortured rock star. He was the committed, stable goofball who didn't shy away from emotions or basic communication. Honestly, I felt bad for him frequently and agreed with Mia that he deserves better than her.

Mia .... one word, 'crazy'! There is girlfriends with insecurities and then their is Mia. She is in a class all of her own and with her fiery attitude to friends and family, she sure act like she has battered woman syndrome, because all the bad guys in her life are the ones she trust inexplicably!

There was sex overkill in this novel. They sex and sex and sex like there was no tomorrow. I kept waiting for the handcuffed to the shower scene and when it came, I was thoroughly disappointed with the action that caused it in the first place and the side Abby chose in this battle.

While this book toed the line precariously between too much sex and just enough, there was also a lot of background, personality and an influx of culture. Sicilian and Mexican together is one spicy combo, tamales be damned!

We also got a lot of history with both Mia and the band. AJ in all his perfection didn't need that complicated life story to cement his character. He's a catch. Actually, I still don't think Mia is good enough for him, but then I'm not the author. o.O

You got the back story of the band and got to fast track to their success, as well as, Jacob's Ladder rise in the country music arena. I am always glad for Abby time, so it was good to spend some time with the fiery angel from 'Music of the Heart'. I am still holding out on the stories of that band also ;)

I love a smooth cross over with stories, even if it's not from the same author. With that being said, kudos to Katie for mixing a character from 'The Proposition' into 'Beat of the Heart'. He's not one of my favorites, but it was good to see him and for Mia to ask that million dollar question I had from that series where he and Emma was concerned.

Even though they are so young, I love the constant inclusion of the kids. Jude was a little M.I.A in this than the one before, but it would be uber cool if we even got their story. In other words, this series is so good, I don't mind it extending into characters later.

There is love, passion, dedication, perseverance, banter, laughter and a heavy dose of Italian and Mexican culture and language that will have you enjoying every page of this courting of Mia and AJ. It is fun, light and humorous for the most part. Don't expect the tortured soul POV, this is AJ and he's in love with love :)

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