Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Wrong Billionaire's Bed By Jessica Clare

 It's Jessica Clare, what else do you expect?

Another well researched and executed novel. However, I'm sorry Reese, but Audrey is boring :(

I love her resolve and I even love that she is in love with love. I have no doubts about her personality and I understand her back story, but it's still boring :( Her story is the shortest so far in the series, in every aspect, and she fell in all the molds of the billionaire romance genre. Still, when she became the equivalent of Gretchen I thoroughly enjoyed those moments. Ain't nothing like a fiery ginger to get you going ... ask Reese :)

Reese is not what I expected but I actually like what we got from his character. He never try or did fit in any molds. He was Reese and the only one from the group who seem more real and approachable. I thoroughly enjoyed this couple more when they were  fighting and aggravating each other. I really wish we could have gotten more layers, locations and time like the novels before in this series. Regardless of Audrey's bland character, this was still a good, solid story in continuing this series.

I am speculating that Daphne and Cade might be next in this series, and I must say that I have melted a little to the character of Daphne. I would have loved to spend some more time with her to see if I could relent more to her personality, but we will see when her time comes.

I believe this series follow a pattern of stiff vs. wild and it was nice to see wild portrayed in both characters this time around. Their little bets also added to this story as flair was needed with Audrey's no nonsense personality.

It's safe to say that Hunter and Gretchen still hold the title for best book in this series, because Reese and Audrey's story is hardly what I expected. I would have loved some more to this story. I keep thinking that if we could have experience NY Reese ad Audrey style, it would have been a better story. The cabin was too .. let's say uninspiring. It felt safe and boring and I fell asleep a couple times. I must say, her aim of bringing across a subdued Audrey worked, because I craved for those moments when Reese was introduced into the story.

I am starting to match Jessica Clare with strong stable stories. Even though this one could have used some more energy, it had the basics of a good story and kept you interested enough to want to finish.

There are some intense sex scenes and I love the intimate moments between Reese and Audrey. I lived for those! I just wish they could have more time and drama to fuel this story to the level of the novels before. However, I do love them as a couple and hope to get updates in future novels. It also seems the club is turning out to not be a Billionaire's Boys Club anymore. By the end of this series, a new name might be in order.

As always, I loved our little Gretchen and Hunter moments as I still hold a flame for those two. Not the most liveliest of novels, but you won't be that disappointed either.

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