Monday, 28 October 2013

Denying Heaven By D.H. Sidebottom

Let me start off by saying that the basics were obviously there. I won't discount her talent, as I have fallen in love with her many series. However, this particular installment didn't do it for me :(
The thing I like the most about this story, was the final song they sung together in the shower. That has always and will be my jam, so you can imagine I sung it instead of reading the lyrics :D

The reason this story fell off for me, might be the reason others fell in love with it, and that is fine. But I got annoyed. First, at trying to figure out what everyone was hiding. Second, at the back and forth between Bulk and Spirit. Third, at the constant presence of Sal and his goons. Fourth, the need for death in every installment. Fifth, the very weird and also inconclusive ending. And those are just to name a few.

I think the whole series is slowly tanking with each novel. Maybe a break and rejuvenation is needed for this one, because I am in no way interested to see Romeo the commitment phobe, and his on again off again relationship with treacle.

I expected more maturity and control from Bulk's and his story, all I got was an immature man shying away from his responsibilities. He was a douche! There is no going around it. He was like a mean drunk without actually being drunk. I felt nothing for him and that ending was just so unnecessary and eerie. What genre is this? Paranormal romance? x_x

I didn't pay much attention to Spirit before this novel, but I do know that I felt nothing for her either. This I think, is my main problem with these characters. I could not relate and they annoyed the ever loving Christ out of me! She is a druggie alcoholic and nothing changed that at the end of the day. None, and I mean none, of their main debilitating issues have been fixed.

If I was Spirit, I would go get some help and have more pride within myself, because I saw her as nothing more than an alcoholic coke whore. I mean to be harsh, but not mean. Still, that doesn't discount from the fact that these characters have some really bad habits, that are still that ... bad habits!

Irrespective of my dislike for the main characters, and my new found indifference to Boss and Jen as both individuals and a couple, I enjoyed getting updates on Jax and Eve. Funny how I wasn't their biggest fan when this series started, and it now turns out that they are the best couple so far in this series, and that's saying something o.O

All over the place, too many loose ends, to many inappropriate and just for fun sex that lacked conviction, passion and intensity. It was half done and not what I expect from a D.H. Sidebottom novel. If it's one thing, she always nails the sex!

I can say there were moments when I was warming to both main characters, but then they did it again and I just gave up on it all. There was too much of everything in this novel and ironically it ended with not much. Being the masochist that I am, I will wait around for Romeo to mess it all up with his time in the lime light.

Until then folks ...

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