Thursday, 17 October 2013

Maybe This Time By Chantal Fernando

This is one of those cruising novels. It's good. It's standard and it keeps you interested. However, there is nothing to separate it from books of this genre. It's all rather cliche and safe, but it's not boring.

I love Summer. She is funny, witty, straight forward and her reactions are spot on and show her personality. She is who she is and you get that from her all the time. With a novel rampant with cliches, she hold her own regardless of her contribution to said cliches.

I believe that in every novel, there is a saving grace. Sometimes its a thing, other times, its a person. For me, in this novel, it was Summer. I love how she dealt with each situation as it came forth and the different sides that were tailored for each of the guys. I connected with her character and understood all her insecurities, concerns and reactions.

Xander was a fleeting character, but I got him also. Their family is a unique one, but I like how they look out for each other and their love shows. I am not yet certain if the "big secret" is the only secret between the guys, because I totally expected more. If not, then the fear of the town folks are completely misplaced.

The females in this novel are marvelous. They are unique and I see no hint of similarity within them. Personalities are strong points in this novel, as you get and understand the identity of each character. You don't have to like them, but you understand them. There is no confusion as to places, emotions and sides within this novel. It is clear as day!

I have no problem with Reid and Summer as a couple, but I would have liked if the passion and intensity that began this novel, would have traveled over to the other chapters. There was a steady build up that was good at the beginning, but then out of no where comes this full 360. I was good with the insta hook up, but them the foundation and development of this relationship kind of just fell away for me. It got entangled in the continuous drama and then even the drama wasn't executed and delivered properly.

So many chunks of time and explanation is missing from this novel. As I sit here, I still don't know what the climax was. There was so many little drama filled moments that were overlooked and I am still not sure which one really broke the camel's back.

I love Ryan. He is the sweet, fun, charming brother and I just love his moments of banter and charm. He seemed like the glue that held them all together, but that sneak peek at book 2 let's us know Ryan is more than we think. Even Jade has weaseled her way into my heart.

While not mind blowing, this was a cool, comfortable read with a great set of characters. It's also always nice when you step into the UK scene for a while.

It's not much, but it's good enough :)

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