Thursday, 3 October 2013

Found in You By Laurelin Paige

If I didn't love Laynie before I am head over heels in love with her now! I love Laynie. Let me just repeat that. Prolly should get a shirt ;)

Now .... the first instance of crazy Laynie I got I was beaming from ear to ear with the awesomeness of her obsession. That was what I was looking for! I didn't see it as much in book 1, but I totally got it here. Now this is obsessed. I know I might be a little crazy, because I am in love with her crazy, but you don't take up a book if this nature and don't expect some clingy, crazy obsessing. Healthy or otherwise.

The characters really shined in this installment and actually took the form of their descriptions from book 1. Laynie was crazy obsessed and all her bad habits shine at some time. But I was ecstatic to see the Laynie we were promised. Hudson was sweet. He stayed true to his personality and his aversion to the three letter worded statement. Even with the unknowns, I still enjoyed this novel and love that it kept on with it's trend of a bearable cliffhanger HEA of sorts. I have the utmost faith in Laurelin and just hope that it doesn't take too long to get to Hudson and Laynie's HEA.

This story continued being over a short span of time and I am certain that we have barely made it over the two month threshold since they met and started a real relationship. Regardless, it just feels right with them. I love them as a couple and really want them to both own each other to the point of no doubt. Even their every day interactions felt real. The simplest things like sharing a sink brought a smile to my face :D

I feel like a cheerleader in a corner rooting for them until my lungs collapse. I just love them as a couple. Their arguments are funny, witty, fiery, passionate and I feel and believe every moment. Their constant need for a connection and the fact that they share the same doubts add another element to their story.

How do two broken people work to fix each other? Honestly, they don't. But they do make for good story fodder, and that's what this story gives. They are fighting so much for their kind of normal, that it cripples and strengthen the relationship simultaneously. It makes secrets, lies and manipulation triumph, but it also makes them stronger than before whenever these problems occur. I believe they can do and get through anything together. There are few book couples that I believe in, but I believe in Hudson and Alayna (Still love her full name even though I am still not sure of the pronunciation.)

The plots and schemes were semi obvious, but I still like watching it play out and to see the twists that were placed on the behaviors of Hudson, Laynie and even Celia. It was good to reconnect with all the characters from book 1 and to meet new ones that made impacts, big and small.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, mostly for the broken bits of our characters. I can truly say that's a first. I don't normally feel for the broken or root for them. It's mostly just tolerant of their situations. But Hudson and Laynie has a special place for me, because I believe and feel their kind of broken.

It's bittersweet, because I can't wait to see what's on the video and I also don't want it to end. At least I have some time to adjust until the next book. I hope the momentum from this novel travels into the next, because I can't wait to see the forever of these two crazy, broken characters. I love them just as they are and I wouldn't change a thing!

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