Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Anonymously Yours By C. Shell

She has an idea. Mine you, not a very original one, but an idea nonetheless.

This could have easily fallen to the pattern of your usual romance novels, but them it's like the author just gave up and broke off the series. Just when I began to actually see the usual cliches of a story breaking free, she goes and mess it all up with a conflict that isn't even a conflict and a really nosy boss that I have no clue as to her intentions. Like why then and what do you get out of bringing that to her? o.O

Though I must say, there are unique moments to both Kelly and Daemon, like their bickering and intimate moments. I even love her group of friends. Sasha is fierce and Tony quiet. At least he isn't gay. No offence to the gay community, but it's nice when a character can have a really good male friend who isn't broken beyond repair or tonguing guys in his down time. Bypassing the cliche is always welcomed.

Kelly doesn't really intrigue me as a character, but she keeps me interested. Her pizza and anything diet has gotten to me throughout this story and have had me craving the combo in the middle of my work day. Otherwise though, a character that I got such a great start from, faded as the book continued.

Daemon got an unnecessary chapter, but I am in no way closer to the character. He is your usual alpha-male that growls all over the place, but otherwise ... nothing. I don't hate him, but then I don't know him either. He falls into the alpha male role and was never taken out.

We didn't get the time to develop personalities for the characters, or to get a solid foundation in the present, or enough background information to sate me into believing in this novel. It was rather basic. Just when I thought we were going somewhere, it abruptly ended with unfounded betrayal. I know betrayal and that wasn't it. Dude didn't even know you then and where the hell is Gary to add to this story? If your gonna embrace the cliches, then go all out or don't go at all.

I really wish I could have gotten to dig further within this story, to get comfortable with the characters and story line, but that never happened. Predictable and abrupt are two words that come to mind when I try to describe this story.

There are moments that make this story it's own, but it still didn't deliver, even on the level of a novella. I hope book 2 might help to set this story on a different path and give it an identity, as I am unsure of what it currently is, aiming for or going. Even filled of cliches, it can be better.

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