Monday, 14 October 2013

Teased By Jamie Begley

Teased was just that. One big tease. At the end of this story, you are propelled years ahead when the previous chapter promised the beginning of all the action you waited for. Still, it was comfortable and promising, or as promising as a story of its caliber gets, but then every single scenario in this story was left with loose ends.

Did the get Sawyer? Where is King? Does Colton thank or forgive Tessa? What happened after they rode out? This is just a few of the more important questions without giving way to spoilers.

I like both Colton and Vida, as individual characters, and as a couple. Just as I was settling down to the story and getting to know the characters, it all ends with a HEA that makes me raise my eyebrows as to what happened, what is happening and what is to come?

I love Vida. She's not your average chick or stripper and I am always down for some MC love. I am still not sure of Colton' s place in all this confusion of a story, but once again, I was just feeling relaxed and comfortable with these characters leading up to the action packed and angst filled ending I assumed was upon us. I guess that story is for Sawyer to tell o.O

Colton is a real dude. Minus his revolving bedroom door,. His sacrifice and loyalty knows no bounds though. I love his demeanor, attitude, thoughts and overall package. He makes me wanna start an I love Colton fan club :D

I love when characters are comfortable in their roles, and I got that from all the characters. Everyone knew their place and it was good to see each in their elements. As messed up as it is, I think Colton and Tessa had a strong back story, as it relates to his prison time and their marriage. It made for a strong foundation and that's why the ending of this story stumped me, because I continued to expect so much from this plot.

In all their sins, these characters are easy to relate to. You understand them. Empathize and grow close. They put you at ease and welcome you to their world. With a great base and steady pace throughout, the abrupt and rushed ending spoiled all that momentum and threw me off this steady build up of a story. Even though it hardly took risk, or delve too deep, it kept you comfortable and interested and the loveable characters helped. Sure wish we could have all met Callie.

The tattoos were an added bonus and I loved their interactions within the shop more than any where else. There moments of ribbing each other were also funny to watch. Especially from the eyes of another.

I will miss Colton' s sexy dominance and Vida' s nonchalance and vivid outlook on life. They are fun individuals and couple. I also can't wait to see if Sawyer will shed some light on all the missing pieces.

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