Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Resolution By D.H. Sidebottom

Oh Shoot me now!

I swear the biggest threat to these characters are themselves. Can a set of people be any more messed up and wrong for each other? I am starting to doubt their love and that ending was straight out rubbish!!!

What in the hell was that? 4 months Ava? To top it all off, the scoundrel knows what he is doing. He has admitted to his major screw ups and then turn around and do the same things again? What in the hell is wrong with these characters and author??? O.O

If I was Ava, I would stop screwing everything with a penis, because it gets you no where! These characters continue to constantly hurt each other. When they are together, my God is it explosive! But then life happens and it's all down the crapper again.

Then that ending ... sometimes love is enough?! You have got to be kidding me!! I am a little apprehensive for a fourth book, because I would prefer for them to end on their fairy tale high, because what in heavens could he possibly drum up to put her through again? Not that he can't, but why?!!! Live your happily ever and stop with the drugs, sex and heartbreak. If one thing I can credit this story with, is that their is no lies.

Then again, there is no privacy either. This isn't only a volatile couple, it is a volatile story! Everyone keeps saying ... "Oh he loves you" ... "He's a mess without you" ... "Does anything else matter but your love?"
And I'm like ... "Are we talking about Mason Fox" -_-

People claimed to have 'fell back in love with Mason' after reading this story, all I did was hate his rotten guts more! God was I grinning and fist pumping when she smacked him into tomorrow and finally grew a back bone! But then how long did that last? -_-

This story is abusive, crazy, nerve wracking and my depraved mind loved every bit of it! The writing is the same as book 1, but we have gotten a few more landmarks and scenery as they actually ventured out of their bedrooms.

Regardless of this plot and the way the characters annoy you to no end, you are captured. If I was to judge this book on the characters, series of events and story line alone, then it would probably get one star. But if I am to add the way it draws me in and won't let go until I see a 100%, then at least 4 stars is in the works.

I must say some things in this novel are unbelievable, especially the amount of chances and rapes, but so much is going on you just move on and it seems to numb you after a while. I am starting to expect every man in this chick life to rape her at some point!

If not rape her, I expect her to jump them, because she is like a dog in heat! But then you have moments where she is alpha and omega in her domain and it is hot! I love when she takes matters into her own hands and the scenes where she cares for Mason is quite real, raw and touching. Passion these characters have. Anything else is up for discussion.

There was a little too much repetitive sex in this book for me, but I though the 4 way and playing with Mason's anal fantasies was hawt!! It must be the two sexual experiences through this book that I didn't mind that much. I love that the 4 way added some fun and careful excitement in this really dreary tale of Ava and Mason's love. The only thing these two seem to get right, was the making of the peanuts and hurting each other. I would also love a job like Ava's, because she seems to get more free time than the owner!

I could spend all day regaling you with this novel, but that time we both don't have. Grab a copy, but be prepared to go through the ringer and throw your book, kindle or nook through a wall because this journey ain't easy and not everyone can survive or tolerate the love of this series. Apparently, there is more to come. o.O

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