Saturday, 12 October 2013

Thrilling Heaven By D.H. Sidebottom

I don't know what to make of Boss's story. This, I can truly say I didn't plan for. I don't know if I like it, hate it or I am just plain okay with it. The main question I have for almost every single piece of unfortunate event is ... why?

This story could have been written differently and still be a good one. We get so mixed up in all sorts of things, that I feel as if I have lost sight of the characters. Is this the 'Room 103' trilogy or 'Heart of Stone' series? I think Dawn is mixing her novels now in more ways than the Black Panther and the UK playground.

The author seems to be the judge, jury and executioner in this novel. Which I suppose is the only way, being the author and all, but all the unforgivable and irreversible crap that happened has me stunned.

Some reviewers have said they hate Jen, because of how she dropped Boss, but was she wrong? That is a true human reaction to what he had done. Hell, I'd be terrified of him! I never expected that from Boss. He's the care bear of the group for crying out loud! Though he did get his permanent scars on top of all the emotional and guilt fueled ones. I swear he took the brunt of everything in this novel.

Jen seems like an okay girl, but she isn't worth all the things Boss had to do for her in this novel.  What a reward he got, because she was too much of a coward, to go tell her "Husband", and I use the word loosely, where to chuffing stuff it!

I loved Boss's character from 'Shocking Heaven', and I fell more in love with him in the beginning of 'Thrilling Heaven'. While I can't get over his decisions and literal Cain and Abel struggles, I would pick his side over Jen's any day. I really hope his love could lead him to another. When it was his turn to be pissed at Jen, I wanted to root for him to find a REAL woman. Then I saw the % on my kindle and realize that wasn't gonna happen :(

Maybe it's the series of events, the fuels, I don't know what. I just find it hard at the end of this book to accept these two as a couple. I had no problem with then sneaking about, but after the serious events of this novel and the things Boss now has to endure on top of his struggles, I don't feel them as a couple. I wanted better for him. He doesn't deserve the guilt and permanent reminders of his love for this ungrateful woman that led him to his actions in the first place.

She has to love his new found emotional and physical scars, because hell, she brought it on! I don't wanna sit here and chastise Jen for her cowardice and behavior in this novel, because Boss is an adult who made a decision, but I once again just don't think she was worth it.

Anyhoo, it was nice to get words from Bulk, as he was more of a cameo in 'Shocking Heaven'. I am not certain what's up with his fascination of all things Jen, maybe he just want a female best friend too. However, I loved his role and reasoning and can't wait to start his story.

It's nice to also see the results of E and Jax's decisions after getting married and adopting Lily. The introduction of Zoe was cool, calm and collected enough and it's good to see even Romeo gets his own love interest. I guess we'll see where that go.

Kyle Hart. This is a complicated character. I have no clue what to make of him. I hated him, pity him and then just gave up and decide that every one deserves a chance in life, and he didn't get that. I am not certain as to why we were made to loathe his character, then love him in his end. It's all rather confusing like this novel.

It's safe to say I didn't hate this installment, but I am not a fan either. I think the issues were too big for the calibre of this novel and the solutions much too trivial for the crimes. There is too much history and secrets here and I believe that it dampens this story in the end. I don't believe it or accept them as a couple. I am unable to garner their joy.

In other words, too much for this kind of story. It crossed too many lines and they weren't properly handled. I might not have liked Kyle, but that ending would move even the most ruthless of killers.

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