Monday, 21 October 2013

'Til Death By S.C. Stephens

I just love this author! She has a way of making it seem like you are reading a book from a completely different author or series with each installment. Her writing style is not definitive and her characters are a rowdy, eclectic group. Everyone's personality is defined and I am never confused as to anyone's position within this story.

I definitely skipped some pages and back tracked a few times in reading this novel. It was unavoidable. I couldn't wait to see reactions and discussions. I wasn't sure as to what would happen and for a while I viewed it as a life after the fairy tale. When the angst kicked in, I was definitely kept on my elbows! (lying down to read and all) ;)

Emma definitely kept us entertained with her POV and I honestly didn't need Teren's like I normally wish from a novel. I loved the character developments and the continued depth and dedication within this novel. It was marvelous to see the kids in their cutesy stages and to also have their inputs. The whole time I was jonesing for their book! I can't wait to start after finishing this imperfectly perfect tale.

Even Tracey and 'Hot Ben' had more input and contribution in this story. It was good to see Ben in action as he stepped in his role as Teren's only best friend. This story ended perfectly. It was well documented and executed. I felt at peace. I was satisfied and couldn't have asked for more.

I fell in love even more with Teren and Halina of all people. The different developments in both were astounding. I would have loved if Imogene got her own HEA, but she seemed to have found a kindred spirit in Emma's mom and together with Alanna, they will make quite the trio in upcoming tales of the twins.

It was nice to also get more familiar with the L.A. clan. Starla was enlightening as ever and Jacen lost some of his edge. Who knew? :)

Regardless of his role, I liked Malcolm. He was funny, witty, intelligent and would have made a great addition to this 'nest' of sorts. With each installment, comes another fascinating character in this series and Malcolm was the highlight in this one for me. He was a real villain, but with a twist.

Getting to experience a conversion also added to this superb novel. The details of this series rivals most and kept it's momentum from beginning to end. Even the moments of happily ever after were done to keep you interested. Maybe it's the waiting on the unknown, or the literal sense of comfort that this clan bring, but even the subdued moments got to me. I was always entertained and interested.

If not for the continuous mention of fangs, skin temperature and the numerous dinner dates, this could pass for a normal romance suspense novel.

Once again, there is not much to say about this installment, because it was beautifully done! I have no questions, just anticipation of seeing the twins grown. Even if I wasn't aware of an upcoming book in the series, I would still be completely satisfied and sated. I also love the transition from Emma and Teren's story to Julie and Nick. The possibilities are endless and I can't wait to continue with this group of wonderful vamps! This is paranormal done in modern chic ... nothing is what it seems! :)

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