Sunday, 6 October 2013

Incineration By D.H. Sidebottom

Drama, drama and more drama. I don't think Ava gets a break! She must have done something wrong in a past life because this one is filled of rape, murder, pain and really bad decisions on her part. Honestly, I wonder if she is semi mental at times, because her reaction to things is not what is expected at all! The both of them also suffer from some severe anger issues if you ask me.

Still, I love her and feel conflicted with the situation she has placed herself and Mason in. Yes, he is a controlling, dominating freak and has terrible timing, but she did the unforgivable on top of all the problems they already had in this relationship.

I felt everything these characters felt, especially as it came down to the end of the story. Even with it's overly dramatic nature and scenes, this story felt realistic. It was raw, primal and crazy. I enjoyed Ava and Mason so much I overlooked the other basic elements missing from this story.

I am also unsure where this is all going and guess what? ... I don't care! I am so wrapped up in this story that not even the constant tragedy, arguments, make up, lack of proper scenic descriptions and a strong need for editing can sway me from this story that keeps me asking "What now?"

Still, I must comment on the fact that this novel focuses so much on the push and pull that is Ava and Mason's relationship, that a lot is left vague and fills you with a lot questions. First off, this story could have been set in Brazil. If not for the continuous use, of British dialect and slangs, there would be nothing to make you aware of where the story is set, as well as, the time of day, month or year. I lost track of the month and time of year frequently. Time is so fleeting in this story. Description of scenery seems to be the least and we focus more on clothes, looks and homes. (Yup, homes!)  

There is a definite turn with this story, as it is the female who gives the deadly blow, but I still love them both and hope that somewhere along the way they can try to forgive, because no one forgets betrayal, no matter how they try. Especially uber paranoid ones who make scenarios before they even happened.

I also feel that the characters are rather nonchalant with the continuous criminal activities and I have no clue how Ava ends up in the middle of this. While doing all this, we barely even get into the crime syndicate either. I have no clue what kind of organization they are, because they seem to be regular business men who so happen to kill without a blink. But if murdering a few sleaze, is what makes them a criminal network, then have it!

This story is a contradiction within itself, because every few days theirs a storm of sorts. We are switching through scenes at maximum speed and your emotions are all over the place. Mason's mood swings are quite the adjustments, but then Ava's awful decision making skills, as well as, coping mechanisms are questionable.

I must also commend Mason, for being the most disciplined coke addict I know, because dude hits and quits as he sees fit. Honestly, I don't know when he is or isn't high. He seems to only be happy when around Ava and I am pretty sure that with her half cracked brain decision, it's about to get more complicated and dramatic.

Regardless of the shortcomings of this novel and many missing elements, I was entertained and kept interested. There is something about Ava and Mason I love. Their passion and even their bedroom talk which I normally hate in novels. There's a constant tug of war that's bound to get on your nerves, but I completely enjoyed this story and can't wait to continue their series of unfortunate events.

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