Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Consumed By Skyla Madi

This story was long. It was long to the point where even the author made mention of the length and being unable to review her own work. As such, the further we went, the worse the spelling and grammatical errors became. I was at a point, where I was wondering if everyone who wrote, edit, proof and review this book, either fell asleep or got tired at these chapters.

I am not too sure what the climax of this story was, maybe it was the death. Nothing seemed to happen the way I expect in this novel, as no one mourned this death like the great impact it should have had on this novel. A key character, that we interact with throughout chapters, was gone. Even though you saw the sadness, I never felt the passion or accompanying emotion with this major shake in the story line. Seth did nothing that he initially professed, other than being rude at one point and asking her to pick up his towel. Not very shocking if you ask me -_-

They were sickeningly sweet as a couple, but very compatible and in sync with each other.

Irrespective of the length, errors, lack of anxiety and angst, it was a good comfortable read. It didn't end with an unnecessary cliffhanger, which I am thankful for. There were funny moments when Blade tried to win back Olivia from Seth (sweater incident), but then those moments were also very fleeting.

Olivia is sweet, caring, your typical good girl who puts up with the good, bad and ugly in her life. But she isn't very unique or inspiring as a character. She can throw a punch, but she doesn't really excel at making a difference to the plot nor shocking me with something I might not expect from her. She was a good girl and that's the peak of it all.

It seems Seth used to sleep with anything with a vagina and karma is all up in his face when he decides to pursue Olivia. He's also suppose to be a bad boy wanting nothing more than in her pants, but I have never gotten that from his character. Actually, he tries his best to stay out of this one pants. I'd be a little offended if you ask me o.O

I don't know what to make of this story, as it wasn't much. It had a vast amount of cliches written in with the bad boy, good girl, death of a parent, crazy best friends falling for each other, and the list goes on. While I am use to the cliches, I also like when there is a good spin within a story. It was good enough to read, but it was by no means interesting enough or full of the passion and layers needed to make it a great story.

I liked the times that Olivia showed her snarky side and the MMA scenes where given in enough detail for you to feel like you were apart of the action. If you are looking for a comfortable read with minimal drama and angst where you can just sit and enjoy a relationship without much complications, then this is the story for you.

This is comfort without angst personified. Even though I don't see the need for a book 2, I would read it. I would like to see Seth and Olivia's next adventure and if this story can be taken to another level.

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