Saturday, 5 October 2013

Reaper's Property By Joanna Wylde

Let me just start off by saying .. I hate his road name! Every time she playfully says horse, I snicker away like an idiot. Picnic is another one also. Picnic? Like really guys? o.O

Biker names aside, I liked this story. I love Marie and Horse, as both individual characters, and as a couple. I thoroughly surprised and pleased to watch the growth of this relationship, as well as, to focus more on the relationships of an MC as oppose to the crime in it all.

I however, felt that this MC themed novel, missed some key points or elaborations. I keep trying to figure out the positions of people in the MC. I left this book, not sure of Horse's status in the MC. Due to the selection process, as well as, their military backgrounds, I am not sure where he falls. He's not a son to the President and I don't even think he has a Sgt. at Arms patch. Still, he is rather respected and looked to, if not more than the President. Then again, maybe I watch and read too much biker books and shows. -_-

Marie's character is a mixture. She has a little of everything, naivety being one of them. She is conflicted, independent, adaptable, loving, witty, sarcastic and that's just to name a few. Her adaptable nature helped us to enjoy this novel more. She wasn't crying all over the place or blushing constantly.  You take her to church, she acts accordingly. You take her to an orgy party, you won't be able to share her, but she will guarantee you a fun time!

Her moments with Horse, both good and bad, were constant entertainment throughout this novel. The time and energy placed into building what they had, however small and short it might seem, was carefully developed. Even with a lingering of unopened issues, I loved this novel and can't wait to continue the series, even without Marie and Horse as the main characters.

This is not your usual hardcore biker novel. It definitely sets it's own rules both figuratively and literally. I really wish we could have spent some more time with the girls and other guys in the club, to prepare us for what seems to be becoming a series about other members within the MC. I don't feel like we connected much with them to be excited for their upcoming installments.

Horse's POV helped this story and I would have surely loved to have gotten more of his views. But I feel like everything is so satisfactory within this story, that all you want is more. I'm still struggling with the year in between releases.

While this is no 'Undeniable' or other Madeline Sheehan MC novel, it was satisfying and entertaining. You got to watch the inception and development of a good love story between two people who weren't broken. Just living and trying to find a path to call their own. Marie is poor but happy and Horse is comfortable but searching for purpose that he finds in Marie.

I could never see Horse as the bad biker, and I once again blame that on the nature of this MC. They hate LEOs, but they were all one or still ones.

This was a drama filled, low key novel. Even with deaths, attempts, betrayal and possibilities all around. Things remained calm and in control for the most part. At times it seemed more like a frat house than a criminal gang. But as I said before, this story focuses on the relationships in the MC and life as a patched in member's old lady more than it does club business.

Soft but entertaining and well done. I can't wait to get to the next book in this series, even if it's just to get a glimpse of Horse and Marie :)

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