Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Human Hieroglyphix By J.A. Hornbuckle

So this was your typical J.A. Hornbuckle novel. I am surprised that I enjoyed the beginning of this story, more than I did the middle and the end. I am not one for 'How to' guides, nor do I fancy one track stories, but I thoroughly enjoyed this novel before the introduction of Dex and I never really saw the need for his character or POV. It neither helped nor detracted from the story line.

Then again, I guess every Princess needs a Prince and all. Still, I think I'd like it more if she was just dating and enjoying life after divorce, regardless of how long since it was finalized. Though I must give a nod to the exclusion of her ex. Writing a story without typical cliches is always welcomed in my world.

I love characters with quirks, especially female ones, and Leila had it and more. She was just a quirky, fun loving girl, that you couldn't help but to love. It's kind of hard to relate, if you are not or never been in her shoes, but you love her character in all her shortcomings.

Dex is there, but I don't understand him. I personally think she could do without him, because he comes off as a softie at times without even trying. His nonchalance is ineffective and I just believe that Leila can do better. So he liked her when she was a nerd and vice versa, but then, what else is there really?

I personally think they fell back into their patterns of comfort, because I never felt their spark or passion. I don't hate them as a couple, but I don't see them as one either. She girl functions better on her own if you ask me.

As a 'How to' guide, fabulous story! As a romance ... not so much. If not for Leila, and I place it solely upon her shoulders, then this book would have fell drab and boring. It actually did a few times. Her demeanor, reasoning, presentation and just her overall personality helped to spruce this story when it got drab. She is shy but confident. She is comfortable in whatever skin or situation she is placed. It reached a point where I start thinking she might be an angel.

While 'Pole Dance' isn't one of the greats, I did love getting updates on all the characters. It was good to get a glimpse of Jake's Kia again, as well as, to see Marianne get her spotlight, however short.
The introduction of Crystal and Fran-Kay was a twist, but I am not really looking forward to a story from either anytime soon. Maybe I will change my mind, but for now, if not for Leila, I would probably hate this story.

It was good to get a change, where it was the nerds who were the bully, as oppose to the usual status quo. It's always nice to see both sides of the fence, and we got that from Leila's character.

The mystery and angst scenes weren't that at all. I had about a 90% guess as to who it was, and I was right, barring one accomplice who we didn't get a final update on. I would have also liked if Leila had stood her ground, where her work was concerned, but then she's with Dex now and he's the king of running ... so you get the drift.

If you are just looking to kick back, have some make over fun with a quirky girl and her new found friends, while she kick starts her new life with a quiet, "alpha-male" tat artiste, then you will hit the jackpot right here!


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