Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Tolerance By D.H. Sidebottom

Every time I think they can't mess up more than they are now, they go ahead and truly surprise me! At this point, I don't know who to be mad at, so I choose the whole lot of them.

I still would like to know what kind of illegal activities Mason, Sam and Greg are involved in and if it is as serious as it seems. Or maybe they are just so cocky that security of family and friends is the last thing on their minds. Which is it? Cause I am dying to know!

And Nate? I have no clue what all of this has to do with his company, because this is the NSC Industries series and nothing so far, apart from Eva's job, connects with the place. It also seems like they all run in the same circle, but then the buck stops there.

I am trying to figure out if the writer is just trying to find ways to lengthen this series, because it seems bad things just keep happening repeatedly for no good reason. I only hope the next book in this series has Mason's POV, because I would love to finally hear from him, as well as, there is no way with the end of this novel and the beginning of the next, that we can spend it constantly in the mind of Ava. Hell, I'm about to have a nervous breakdown for her!

So the gangs all back, even the dead ... yup, the dead -_- It seems Mason is a terrible pansy who can't get nothing in this life right. I really hope his next life is better, because he has a terrible one now. Not to mention Ava.

Get a sex change Ava! Because her vagina seems to be filled with sugar that's calling all ants to attention. What is wrong with this character? I have to ask. She is either always being raped or almost raped. Is that the only way men in this book know how to overpower a woman of her caliber? Because the chick knows how to and frequently throw down with the biggest and toughest of guys.

All that is left, is for her to be gang raped and I don't put it pass the author to get that in the next installment. These characters have been through the ringer. Please just give them a break already! I don't think we stay happy for a complete chapter in this novel. I also notice that the hearts on the cover of this series seem to crack more as we go. What will the end result be? Death by love?

I understand and all consuming love that drains you, but this is just so wrong. Give us a romance already!
At this rate, Ava soon won't be able to even use her vagina! It might be torn to threads. Graphic yes, but how many times will this girl get raped?

Bringing a pregnancy in this book is a shock to me. They are so dysfunctional I don't even wanna see them as parents. They already use the kids as bargaining chips. We aren't even gonna get into the amount of alcohol consumption Ava did while pregnant. Stop apologizing to the kids and shape up!

While this is not the best or worse of stories, I just want it to end already. The constant abuse from both Mason and Ava and even recently Greg and Courtney's relationship is tiring and just pure evil. I feel like a kid purposely popping off the heads off my dolls when I read this. It is utter and complete torture what these characters do to each other.

But here is where the hypocrisy comes in, because I love it! This is raw, primal and so real. Parts even remind me of my own life and struggles with relationships. But boy do I feel it for all the characters in this novel.

I still don't know where this story is going and with regards to editing and development of both a story line and scenery, we still haven't gotten either. But boy am I hooked and I just really want a slice of happiness for these two. Pass off the gauntlet to someone else and give them some peace already!

Ava is one of the strongest female characters I know. After this series, I will definitely need some sweet sappy romance to balance out the crazy that is this series and it's characters that are full of piss poor luck!

Bring on the crazy, I can't wait for Resolution!!


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