Friday, 4 October 2013

Torn By Kim Karr

Can you say 360? 

I was up, down and all a round. I think I loathe all the main characters of this book at some point in time and I feel as if, though this ending was better than the last, so much is still unresolved and missing. I expected only one more book from this series, after reading 'Connections' and now after seeing four more books on the way, I keep saying there has got to be more, because everyone has got to get their HEA!

If anyone would have asked me, I would have sworn Ben would have gotten a different reception in this novel. I have always felt her love for Ben more than I did for River. Now, I am not so sure. I began to feel the strength in them as a couple, that felt so forced from their previous novel. Despite their communication issues, I love them as a couple and find myself missing their moments. Even as sex filled as they were.

I saw a different side to each of these characters that was missing before and even River (still hate his name), that I loved so much from book 1, had me second guessing if I even knew him. His anger was startling but so real. I felt the passion, uncertainty and insecurity that made this story feel even more realistic. This is how a guy in love acts when that love is threatened. Though not the most healthiest, it was a good example and execution.

I loved Ben journals and felt like the guy deserves a break. He is not perfect, but neither is River or Dahlia. He made mistakes, bigger than most, but mistakes nonetheless. I couldn't really hate his character from book 1, but I find that I fell a little bit more in love with him by the end of this installment.

I just want to put it out there now, that I hate none of the characters in this novel. Regardless of their personalities, past or mistakes. I get angry, I get sad, I get down right pissed and at times I just wanna walk away from them all. But when the dust has settled, I am still if not more, in love with them and dying to get to the next chapter of their stories.

Once again, I share a similar taste and love for the music that Kim Karr uses as the base for her story. I found and rediscovered songs through the decades and I once again commend her nod to the other awesome rock star novels that has graced my kindle.

It's only approximately a month ago since I concluded Tru and Jake's story in 'The Mighty Storm'. To not only get another cool reminder of this awesome couple, but to actual get to converse with them and spend some time with even Tom, was welcome. I even loved how she captured the characters essences. With help from Samantha Towle, or just from her own reading of their story, their snippets were well done. It's actually genius to blend these stories and add an even more realistic vibe to all the novels involved. All we needed was a little Kellan and Keira Kyle action to polish it all off .. a girl can only dream ;)

For a person who hasn't read the first book in this story, you might see this story as basic and cliche. For an avid reader of  'Connections' , you will be able to appreciate the vast improvements and additions.
I felt more, understood the characters better and wanted so much more, all while checking my percentage. Wanting to know but not wanting to get to the end. I was captured and left wondering what next at every turn. I love that in the scheme of this pseudo love triangle, they all got their moments at the perfect times within this story.

The removal of interpretation lyrics and the listing of the songs name instead was also a lovely change. There is so much change that I am unable to commend them all. I am a little shocked at the unexpected death of a major character, as well as, the addiction of another. Still, I believe it adds more character and layers to this story that held one note before.

There is so much going on in 'Torn' that you don't get the chance to be bored. You are always dying to reach the next chapter and it's never what you are expecting.

I don't know what happened between the writing of these two novels, but I fell in love with this series again after reading this book. I loved the raw, primal passion and angst it possessed and the music was such a lovely bonus. It was what I wanted and more. I can't wait for book 3, even if it's not about River and Dahlia. After all, they deserve a break!

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