Thursday, 10 October 2013

Atonement By D.H. Sidebottom

I would love to see a picture of Ava after this story, because she should be one scary woman, with the amount of scars and marks on her body. It's like a road map of her messed up life. Seriously Dawn, what did Ava do to you? She might finally be getting her happy ending, but at what cost? She is a walking pin cushion. They should dedicate a wing of the hospital to her with the amount of revenue she generates from her visits. Honestly, I am surprised she didn't end up in a nut house in the end.

With that being said, for the first time, Mason is not the main cause of all things drama! (Let's make a toast to that) Actually, I am starting to wonder who is this guy? Maybe it is because we finally get his POV, so it eases the blow of his actions. Maybe we needed this all along, because I really saw him in a different light. He was like a different character overall.

Kade must have the milk, honey and the key to world peace in his penis! Men, women, everyone can't get enough of this guy. Like ... what does he have in his pants? I am counting down to December, to see if I can find out what flows in this man cum, that makes everyone he screws fall in love with him. Except for the person he actually took for his wife. Oh the irony of life!

Once again, sex was the punishment, reward and consolation of Ava and Mason's actions. It was everywhere. But whoa if it wasn't hot and off the charts! That Kade, Ava, Mason sandwich was so ... different. It was passionate and sensual. I don't even know what to feel. It is all so taboo and ... good o.O

I know this series has made me crazy, because I would never condone the unorthodox life of all these characters and their life filled with one big orgy, but I love the triangle that really was just one big friendly orgy party. The love that flowed through them all was just ... indescribable! I think I need a serious breather after this one.

Honestly, the stalker and danger that usually lurked wasn't even necessary. I loved the story of watching Mason struggle with his addictions and sexuality, Ava with a dram free life and Kade with his love for Ava and new found lust for Mason. Throwing in the mixed sex was a really good added bonus. I didn't know when to be turned on our repulsed. I was conflicted but I loved every bit of this installment.

It was good to see everyone together again, and to try and guess who was behind this new game. I actually didn't figure out the culprit, until the very end, as I was distracted with the many conflicts buzzing about. There was death, love, betrayal, sex, infidelity, passion ... so much and too much.

I loved reconnecting with everyone and taking one last journey in the eyes of Ava and Mason. The peanuts are growing and are so much like their parents it's surreal. I would love a little mini novella for Courtney and Greg as I believe they deserve a little spotlight.

There is something about this series, that once it hold you, it just won't let go. You are so caught up in the story line that you allow it to capture and lead you before you even know where you are going. I never know what to expect with this series and it never ends as expected.

I know more danger lurks and I can't wait to journey with the remaining characters in England, Portugal or wherever life takes them. I loved this installment and the life, passion and love were more fierce than before. No other installment will beat 'Resolution' but 'Atonement' came very close.

I love this series in all it's depravity and will continue to be a fan :D

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