Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Simple Perfection By Abbi Glines

Holy smokes Abbi! You weren't kidding about those twists were you? o.O I would seek guidance also, but really? Of all the plot twists? I'd have even preferred a love triangle. Then the way you seem ready to desecrate that memory with Tripp's return is making me dislike you a little -_-

I liked this story until that "twist" in the end. It was your usual Rosemary beach flirty laid-back tale. Then a wicked 360 was thrown in this story that didn't make me appreciate it. It more threw me and had me feeling like there is a huge gaping black hole to fill in this series. I have no clue where we go from here and anywhere we do, won't be the same. Rosemary beach has officially lost the appeal it initially held for me.

I always turn to this series for it's light beach side feel and it never disappoints as it did it's job again with this installment until that wicked end curve ball that will take me a while to get over if ever.

Anyways, it was nice to get a different aspect from Della and Wood's relationship. It was nice to see Della strengthen a little, even if she too the total coward way out for a while. I always have a soft spot for quirky characters and Della is as quirky as they come and I love to see her retain her personality while finding herself. One of the many "twists" that was introduced to this story heavily impacted both her and Woods story. That one, I never mind as much, as it gave them a clean slate of sorts.

Woods was his usual Della obsessed self, but it was good to see his decisions and to watch him step up within the club. I also learned that to make Woods hate you is a serious matter. Boy can carry a grudge like no one else I know!

The whole gang was more involved in this installment than before. It was great to get everyone's input and to watch the bonds that tie this tight knit group together. Even Bethy got a chapter of sorts for herself. Though I must say, I am a little on the fence with my feelings for her at the moment.

Jace was always the reliable friend in the background, but I really felt for him in this installment and it had nothing to do with his predicament in the end. Jace is a lovely character and his moment of ranting on Woods porch opened his character in a light I never saw him before. If even a novella, I would love a look into Jace.

Rush and Blake, the originals of this breezy series were present and accounted for also and it was good to get an update as well as, preparation for Grant's story. I expect it to be exceptional!

I can truly say that 'Simple Perfection' kept up it's niche that we know this series for. I just believe that the story of Della and Woods was overshadowed by the ending of this novel as it didn't match the vibe or theme and completely stole their spotlight. It seemed more like a novel trying to transition the change of this beach town, but at the end of the day, I could care less about Della and Woods and just keep wondering ... what now?

The basics are present and you are sure kept attentive. I won't discount this series as anything else, as it was another Abbi Glines production that was just right as always. In shaking things up, she has stumped me a bit but I still love this series and can't wait to see how she handles this shake up she has created.

P.S. Anytime she wanna introduce and alternate ending, I am game. I'll completely disregard the other :(


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