Thursday, 24 October 2013

Music of the Heart By Katie Ashley

This story had a great beginning and held it's momentum. I can honestly say I got frustrated and annoyed with Abby frequently and Jake ... there is no excuse for his behavior.

However, I do love the band and their time spent with Abby. As unrealistic as the time frame was, especially with their pasts and current actions, I believed in their relationship to a point. I also love how much focus was placed on the music and it was good to see a music couple vibe with and off each other. I have to say it was a necessary and appreciated change.

Abby is like literally the perfect girlfriend. I swear she was the next creation after Adam and Eve. She was their child before they sinned. To top it all off, she sure knows how to deck herself out in all white. I adore her character in all her purity and sent from heaven persona. Still, I believe she became a push over. While she didn't lose her fire, it dimmed in some very important times within this novel.

Reading this novel is like a wave. It's up, it's down, it's hot, it's cold. At times you are really engrossed in the story and the characters and a next you are just lagging. Thankfully, those lagging moments didn't last long.
There is something about this story. While I know I wasn't overly in love with it, I also feel like I more than like it. I place most of that on the great beginnings and the original interactions of Abby and Jake, as well as, the other band mates.

Jake's POV did crack me up occasionally. His outlook was also more genuine in the beginning than the end. His handle on Abby was interesting to watch. It wasn't overly done to the point where they bicker constantly, it was constant, smooth and transition beautifully.

Truth be told, most of the story began to slide when they decide to move pass friends and into the couple zone. Everything after was sickeningly sweet, predictable and a tad unrealistic. Then again, this is the author of 'The Proposition', so this is expected.

While not as vocal as I would have liked, the other band members were cool. A little absent personally, but nice nonetheless. The character of Bree stumped me, as I saw no purpose for her. Initially, I saw potential and a story line with her role, but then she literally came in like a hurricane and then exit.

I would have also love some more time with Abby's brothers and their music, as well as, I would have love to get their stories as oppose to the other members of Runaway Train.

As rock star novels go, this is a solid PG one. It kept a thin line between realistic and unrealistic and it was fun toeing that line. Irrespective of the predictable moments, I was thrown occasionally and it was good to not get all perfection from the characters. Finally, a book that portray what might actually happen when someone loses their virginity!

Still, a solid one, that keeps you interested and carries a really good vibe as rock star romances go.

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