Monday, 30 September 2013

By Referral Only by Lyla Payne

I liked this story. As a matter of fact, I love this series. It's nice to see college boys, of their caliber, in their element, as oppose to drinking booze, partying and starting fights constantly. It's not that they don't do all those things, but it's the quantity and even the quality. As ruby suggested, they'd probably pay somebody to do their dirty work.

Cole is quite the proper English gentleman and I love that his character stuck with his role. I never once doubted him but rather spent most of the book wondering what his secret was. I have to say that it is a rather heavy burden of guilt that he will carry around for the rest of his life. Still, I loved the addition of the Scotsman.

Ruby is complex. You love her, you hate her, you admire her. There is more to her than meets the eyes. She does frustrates you with her self loathing, but her logic and handle on situations range from sarcastic to admirable and even down right ludicrous. She doesn't mince her words nor forgive easily. (Toby can testify to that)

I loved her strength, nonchalance and free spirited behavior throughout this novel. The theater moments were nice touches also. Lyla Payne is an author that does nothing half way. (Just check her website for this story) She commits to her endeavors and it shows throughout this and the other books in this series.

She gave us in depth tennis commentary and as much art as we could comprehend when we met Quinn and Emilie. Therefore, she didn't hold back with regards to theater when it was Ruby's turn. We got lines, auditions, rehearsals, lingo and everything we needed to understand or interpret a scene. We were never left confused or unsure of our characters place and talents.

The sex scenes might not have been as hot as I would have liked. I can also say that I don't get that instant connection with Cole and Ruby, but I do love the time they spend together and can see them as  a couple. They compliment each other well and made for great balance and entertainment.

It was good to get updates on other character from book 1 and to meet upcoming leads. I wasn't Sebastian's biggest fan from 'Broken at love', but I saw a different side to him in this installment. I'm not sure, but Blair seems like she might be going up to the plate with that one. Maybe I'm wrong, but I am warming more to his character and would love to see what his story would be.

Regardless of the moments where this story felt long and stalling, I liked the relationship dynamics and loved the idea behind Ruby's online venture. It takes time and patience with this story, because you will love and hate it sporadically through your reading. The thing is, the Whitman University series is well written, researched and executed. It is not an attempt at writing, it is writing!

Fun, friends, theater, love and the life of the next generation of rich is what you get in this novel. While not the easiest to warm up to, it keeps you interested and waiting for the next big thing. 

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