Friday, 27 September 2013

Undescribable By Shantel Tessier

I love Sam and Slade! There is something about their story that captures you and makes you forget about the length of this novel while you focus on their story.

My emotions change from percentage to percentage. I spent the first 35% of this book laughing out loud at the antics of both Sam and Slade. Especially Slade. I could live in his head forever and not get bored.
I also loved his love sick puppy routine and never once got annoyed with his passion, uncertainty and overall confusion with his relationship with Sam.

Like most romance plots, this story had already been told. I however, believe that Sam and Slade put their own spin on things. I have always loved reversal of the unexpected in stories. Even though we have read books, about the broken girl and the stable guy, I like that Sam was broken but not shattered.

If not for key moments within this novel, you would have never known the depth of her despair. It was also good to see the guy sweating buckets waiting for confirmation of a love he so desperately desire and a girl having her head on her body enough to know the repercussions of love and be cautious with revealing all her cards. I am sorry that she couldn't have gotten all she wanted and tragedy had to struck for that moment to be shared. But as I always say, "Better late than never."

Sam is a streak of pink in a dark or bright sky. She brings her own flavour and I love the confidence she exudes. I am also appreciative that she didn't try to play the hard to get card and just gave it up already! For some stories ... maybe. For this one ... nah! I know a perfect fit when I see one, and they are a perfect fit.

This novel is a light hearted one that try not to dwell on the heavy. The most time Sam and Slade spend apart is probably two days and you don't have to dread the heartbreak-I-am-moving-on segment. As I said, light and fluffy guys! You read this book when you just want to relax and enjoy a good love story without all the bells and whistles. I'd recommend reading this book with a glass of wine. It will surely enhance the experience.

Slade is a  not so complicated guy who is straight to the point and don't cut corners in his pursuit. I, personally, have never seen him in the role of a ruthless defense attorney and have only ever gotten a glimpse of his playboy ways. But his loyalty is unfounded and his love for Sam is unrivaled. I could read about these two all day and still want more.

Therefore, I am a little apprehensive that there is a book 2, because I believe things were left perfectly despite the circumstances. I really hope all we have to do is iron out a few kinks in this relationship and no obscene break up or anything of the likes. I love them too much and if they can't make it, who can?

Don't let the title or cover fool you, (No offence Okay Creations or Sarah Hanson) but this is a good read with a small amount of editing issues that can be easily overlooked.

Love, friendship, acceptance, peace, joy, laughter is just a few things you get from this novel. It might not be dark and twisty or overly sweet, but it's definitely a good enough read that makes you forget for a few, while you take part in the swell that is Sam and Slade's love. For a little added bonus also ... *drum roll please* .... no cliffhanger :D

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