Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Frontline By Alexandra Richland

Who is Trenton Merrick indeed ? ... Couldn't have asked a better question, as I still don't think we have an answer. I like the guy, I just don't know what he has under that jacket of his, and I am pretty sure he should find a safer hobby as he is playing a dangerous game of Russian Roulette ... literally!

I think this story span 2 weeks, but what a 2 weeks they were! Jason Stratham better watch out, because Trenton Merrick is large and in charge!

With that being said, in case you were wondering, this is no 50 Shades of Grey, but neither is it any Sempre. I can say that regardless of the time span, this was a good book. It had occasional rational characters ... which is a plus! And kept a high energy pace, with an action pack punch in closing.

While it's another story set in the back drop of Manhattan, I assure you, glamour is the least of your worries. Sara and her friends are a laid back group and I love how you can identify and separate their personalities and they still make a whole. Sara is rational ... when she wants or needs to be. She has her head on her body, and even though her lust filled brain sometimes over look her surroundings, she has her priorities and sticks to her conviction.

She keeps both us and Merrick on our toes and laughing. The first half of this book focused a lot on humour, whilst the second half took us into the danger, intrigue and life of Mr. Peters and Merrick. It therefore makes the time seems so much longer and makes you appreciate the value that you get for your money.

This novel is researched and applied. I truly can't find much grammatical or editing errors in this story, but then again, I was so enthralled with the story line and characters that I might not have noticed.

Trenton Merrick is as intense,paranoid, manipulative and controlling as it gets. But we were never led to feel any of the usual feelings evoked for the billionaire hero. He was more than a businessman (literally) and it showed within his poise, conversations and charm. He is one big paranoid ball of trifecta that was hand made for Sara. I adore their assertiveness with each other, and even though I didn't feel the passion or excitement as I expected from their sex scene (yes, SCENE ... as in one), I still love them as a couple, especially when they banter and try to figure each other out.

I felt like within the time span of approximately three weeks, a lot of layers and elements were worked into this story. A lot of emotions fluttered across my face while I read this story. You get a lot to play around with and explore. You even get suspense within the romance and I love how the danger was incorporated at the necessary times.

Still, the fact remains that this was an instant connection story, with a span of maybe 3 weeks to be nice. However, this did not detract from the story or characters. It held it's own and gave us a unique set of BFFs for a change, a man with his own rules, and finally a female heroine who questions ... pretty much everything!

Within the Hollywood movie scenes of it all, it had a realistic vibe, with quirky characters who can relate, and a natural ebb and flow. I have to say, regardless of the bad reviews, I enjoyed this one and can't wait to see what adventure we go on in book 2 of this series!

I also loved the outtakes that were provided in this novel. I am not always a fan of outtakes, but I love that only the important ones were relayed. We got to see the girls first meeting, as well as spend some time with Chris and Sean in their element and to see apart of life in Haiti for Trenton. Not to be left out, even Randall got him time to shine. I must reiterate that this is a really good researched and executed novel. Even if it didn't last a month.

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