Thursday, 5 September 2013

Falling For My Husband By Pamela Ann

These characters are a real piece of work! I am the first to admit that I am not a fan of Pamela Ann after reading the Chasing series, but she did get a slice of redemption with this story line, however screwed and distorted the actions and situations were.

Stella and Callum, I expected to have a complicated relationship of sorts. But this was one disaster after the next, to the point where I just kept on waiting for them to get it right or give it all up! I have to say, there were a lot of crossing the line moments. Catching a guy you are crushing on drilling a chick on his dining table is definitely a turn off for most!

My favorite moments throughout were the banters and watching as they try to find their way to each other ... it was quite entertaining. Especially the use of their marriage as a weapon. Ridiculous contract if you ask me, but boy did it add to the drama of it all.

I hate Sienna and Blake, because I hate the Chasing series, but it's good to know they got their HEA, even if I have no clue how that came on their horizon, based on their ending from book 1. Anyhoo, I didn't mind the connecting of books, and I actually believed her British based story line this round as oppose to before.

Stella is ... extraordinary and Callum doesn't deserve her. But hell if I don't want him to acknowledge this throughout the entire novel and win her heart, mind, body and soul. This girl is the epitome of selfless and still, she is basically bound to this infuriating man, both legally and emotionally. His head and heart is a mess, and she works through all this, with grace and class like no other. I am in awe of this chick, however annoyed I got with her constant need for punishing herself with her love for Callum.

Speaking of the devil, I like him. (Callum that is) ...  Honestly, I do. I love his straightforwardness, I love his need to speak his mind, however crass or painful. I love his will, cool demeanor and the  lengths he goes to in his quest to keep Stella, even if the emotion of love turns him into a cheetah on crack. Their marriage might not have been built on love, but it was different and held more promise than most. I rooted for this fake marriage from beginning to end.

This story was completely based on Stella and Callum, and the background characters were just that ... in the background. However, I didn't mind. I loved the story of Callum and Stella, as they tried to turn their marriage into more than what it was. I was also glad that they didn't throw this in anyone's face also, and that their riches and accomplishments were the last things on our minds. We focused on normal, emotional struggles as oppose to independence and wealth. Their odd relationship add so many different elements, that helped sway me to liking this story. I wasn't too keen in the beginning, based on my experiences with this author's writing but I got comfortable and relaxed into this story.

Once again, we never got a lot of the British scenes, but still, I never mind. I was otherwise engaged in the oddity that was Callum and Stella's relationship. I loved the time spent in Callum's world and how we got to see Stella move into a seductress and got a taste of some uninhibited sex scenes (that Jacuzzi scene though!)

The European life was in full blasy for these moments, and we got to see both Stella and Callum in their own environments as well as how they relate in each other's world.

This story in an interesting one. This is not a conventional relationship or love affair, so don't expect it. Callum is stubborn to a fault and Stella is as calm, and classy as they come. When they clash, it's fire! And don't ever expect them to express their undying love. They are about the banter, unspoken words and unconventional and awkward situations and conversations. This isn't the greatest story either, but it's a good and engaging read, and just might make me take a second look at the Chasing series ... there are small miracles after all :)

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