Monday, 9 September 2013

Against the Ropes by Sarah Castille

Good story, just unnecessarily long with no real direction, depth or pace. I enjoyed it. but I got lost a lot and there were a few inconsistencies that stood out, especially their text messages. While a nice tough, the format left you scrambling at times to figure out who is talking. I definitely had to re-read those a couple times.

The story needs an identity. It took the characters literally voicing their concerns, for me to get what their problems were, and even then I never understood where we were going or what was happening. I didn't even know a serious break-up occurred at all, and then the reunion seemed like she just hadn't seen him in a couple hours ... o.O
Mac's epiphanies were also really anti-climatic. I had to re-read them to get what she got, and I still didn't feel the emotion or passion. She was so carefree and fluttering through life on jokes that her declaration of love left me scratching my head ... like when did that happen? O.o

However, I felt relaxed within this story, mainly because it took on a comedy vibe throughout. Makayla's inner monologues were hilarious, and her clumsy nature and sense of humour kept you cackling. Some places within the comedy, you begin to wonder what is happening, as it seems to be stalling for what ... I'm not sure. It's all funs and games and barbarian speech, but I can't really pinpoint or file this story. We leave with a sense of incomplete, and I can't really tell you a solid emotion I got at the end of this novel.

Makayla is hilarious. She is the life of the party. She brings the laughs and hardly ever reacts how I expect. It took reaching half way through this novel, to see that she isn't all about being the life of the party, but she is also broken. However, I don't feel it with her. She just seems like the ride or die, sunny disposition chick. It essentially made it feel like a wayward plot thrown in last minute. Sorry ... I just didn't feel it.

Max/Torment is ... two people who I don't really know or get. I am so confused! I understand the notion that he lives a double life, but what I don't fully grasp, is why and how? It's not like he dons a cape at the gym. It's obvious he is the same person so how is this a secret?

I like Jake. I am still on the fence about Amanda. But I could definitely read a book about Jake, and enjoy his personality and beliefs. I actually felt the most passion and emotions, in this story, out of an exchange between Amanda and Jake, and it happened over a cell phone ... power of chemistry there! :D

Loved the fight scenes and how in depth we got when it was time to watch Torment train the other fighters. Once again, Mac injected some humor and that only elevated the scenes. I have to say, there is something to fighting when told by Makayla!

It's safe to say that this is a good book about an array of emotions, trust being a main point. But I still feel as if something was missing, and direction and depth needed. Too much humor didn't allow me the time to understand and interpret the characters and the story. I spent more time laughing than feeling. I have no problem with this, but it just made the serious events of this novel pale. Still, this is a great novel that's guaranteed to give you some laughs!

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