Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Arrangement 10 By H.M. Ward

DWL ... I don't know. Truly! I am in stitches here! Hilarious!

No. I am not laughing because this installment was funny. I am laughing because H.M. Ward has showed the side of readers that she is sticking with. I mean to be rude when I say this, because writer's block must be a bitch for you to break up a one novel story into 10 parts and still have more! Get some inspiration or fresh material already!

For those of you who are wondering, NO. This is not the final installment. For a while there she had me, and I was thinking, "Way to rush it Holly!" But it turns out that was just a facade to let us believe in an ending that is non existent.

Honestly, I would have taken the too fast abrupt ending over the cliffhanger. I don't see the point in stretching out this series. It isn't that interesting. And the little angst that tide us over until this installment was a fluke that could be handled by Mel. At least one of my guesses as to the culprit was right -_-

Though I must say, ask and you shall receive, because we definitely got, an out of left field, new story line, amid the mess that is still Avery's life. I wouldn't even say Sean, because his life seems just fine! He is the protector of all things Ferro family related and he seems to enjoy being papa bear while the real one acts like a junior cub. (Read 'Damaged' and 'Stripped' for a view of this "Father Figure')

So ... this story span, let's say two days, to be nice and all. It was hurried without seeming rushed and it contained your usual Avery shenanigans and inner monologues more than before. Her quirky thoughts were funny at times, but then bordered on stiff and annoying, because we still can't tie down a solid plot for this series. I am starting to think about checking a few blogs to see if anyone has interviewed H.M. Ward as to her thoughts regarding this series. Such as, where she will be going with this story, as well as, if it will ever end.

At the end of this novel, I see she has decided to throw in the cousin. So I guess that eases her conscience of using Ferro Family instead of brothers. If you haven't read 'Stripped', you wouldn't know who I am talking about.

While the basics are there for a good novel and obvious professional editing is visible, we still aren't going anywhere. When we do look like we are on the road to another plot, there is a commercial break and the next installment picks up but veers in a completely different path. Not that going in a new direction is bad, but then the road is a dead end also ... and it's like ... when will this maze end?!

This book is like a commitment phobe. Tie it down and make a story and stop with the short story snippets as it is clouding the story trying to be portrayed. Thanks to my memory, I can remember as far back as 'The Arrangement' book 1, but for those who don't have that time to invest, what will happen there? Are we to leave this series until all the volumes are finished then we read them all at once?

I can admit that this is not a bad story or premise, just awful execution! There is something to this series that I saw in this installment in both Sean and Avery. If they could just get it right and try to give this series an identity, then it could be off the charts hot! As is, it is too short, takes too long to develop and possess no identity whatsoever. I guess the good thing is we never know what's gonna happen next. o.O

P.S. ... Sexy cover as always!

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