Friday, 6 September 2013

Everything For Us By M. Leighton

Let me just start of by saying that, I was never a Heineken girl ... just not really my brew, but Nash makes me wanna take a sip! He undoubtedly gets the award for most creative way to use a beer bottle!

Still, it boiled down to being an okay novel. It didn't bore you, but it didn't do much else either. It was safe and comfortable, especially in comparison to the other two. It just didn't get my attention like I hoped. It was well written, you could see the research placed into the legality of the novel, and you felt the connection between Marissa and Nash ... but then ... what else is there?

This series started with mystery, intrigue, danger, surprises ... heck! I won't lie and say I never expected to see the guys mother show up from witness protection or something! But it was all so ... easy. Maybe it's my expectations that got in the way, but I wanted more. I wanted the intrigue and possibilities that the ending of 'Up to Me' promised. I would have loved to see Nash in his element as a bad bad boy, and for Marissa to get the chance to show that bitchy side that drew her to us in the beginning. If only when necessary, I needed that spark!

We got to know Marissa more in this book than we did before. I understand her trying to be a better person, but I loved some of her attitude and confidence that she lost in this book. She wanted to be tame and more like Olivia ... but not even Olivia is that passive. Give us that Townsend touch Marissa!! Everyone got their identity back ... why not her?

I love the Davenport boys. But even though I enjoyed this slice of Nash, I am still madly in love with Cash. That's not gonna change obviously! The only other character that comes close, is Gavin. Regardless of my solidarity to team Cash, I love Nash's character and how these twins are so different, it's at times hard to remember that they look exactly alike ... sans Nash's facial hair.

Nash is Nash, and he doesn't apologize for being who he is. He takes charge, speaks his mind and does and say whatever he wants, whenever he wants! He certainly has a lot more free reign than even Cash playing the role of Nash.

It was good to see some of the characters from the previous novels also, as this book was heavily based on Nash and Marissa, so that was an unexpected treat. I would have loved to get more Gavin time, but with the legality of this novel, we were kept in the yellow zone. Even swearing was forbidden. I don't know, I just wanted something raw and raunchy, because Nash is so rugged and Marissa is so delightfully compliant! They make a great team with awesome chemistry.

It is safe to say that M. Leighton is a good writer, so don't expect this book to be anything less than up to standard. It has elements, layers and even a secret forgotten, between mere acquaintances. It is well researched and applied. It basically has all the trimmings of a well put together novel, but it just lacked that passion and fire that we got from Olivia and Cash. Maybe it's the characters, maybe it's the point that they are in their lives, but I felt this book lacked that spark to tie it all together. 

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