Sunday, 22 September 2013

Unattainable By Madeline Sheehan

Consistent. Even with a minimum amount of drama that I usually get from this series, it was still good and didn't fall off track. Once again, we get a slice of everyone. Even Dirty gets his time under the sun. ZZ's bad luck tripled and Deuce scared us there a bit. I don't think the Hell's Horsemen MC would be the same without him.

Tegen and Cage got annoying occasionally, and I found myself looking forward to our Eva and Deuce tidbits, as well as, our times with Dirty and Ellie. I have to say I was confused as to her presence in the beginning, but then their story began and I was a little caught between being terrified of Dirty or pitying him. The man really is dirty, and not just physically.

This was definitely the most tamer version of this series to date, or maybe it was all the crazy going on in 'Unbeautifully' that had me pumped for a little Cage action. However, Tegen and Cage kind of fell flat for me. There was a whole lot of screaming, shouting, hating, sexing, shooting. There was so much between them. But just as with all the books before, Ms. Sheehan knows how to and what to do when pairing, and these two fit, just like every one else before them.

Regardless of her crazy tendencies and her penchant for blowing up in any and everybody's face, I love Tegen. I don't see a better 'Old Lady' our future Queen of the club. She might not know it yet, but she got balls and know how to stick it to anyone. She is a force to be reckon with, and I love her inner ramblings. Even the outer ones ain't so bad. :D

She keeps you on your toes and you never know what she will do next. Her emotions are all over the place and I love her fight, as well as, her decision of still wanting to stay away from all things MC, even if she wants to marry and have babies for the MC royalty.

Cage is not what I expected, but as always, someone I could work with. He seems just as angry all the time as Tegen, and he honestly doesn't know the first thing about relationships. I do however love his attempts. I love his passion, determination and even his need for acceptance from Deuce, that I had no idea he needed. His inner and outer monologues were just as hilarious and his impulsive decisions added a certain excitement to his chasing of all things Tegen.

I think this series might be driving me a little crazy, because I find after 'Unbeautifully', I wanted Dorothy's threesome first. Now, I wanna bypass them, to get to ZZ. I have no clue what will happen to this guy, but I wouldn't wanna be him right now! He seems to always be on the wrong side of everything relationship wise, both when acknowledged or assumed. But then again, years of living with someone is hardly an assumption. Still, the man should stay away from all things West family related.

I don't know what to tell you, but this story is good, and the series is great! It never fails to deliver no matter the amount of time passed. We always get to re-connect with characters, starting all the way from book 1. With each book comes progress and a new future on the horizon. This series and novel earns it's weight in stars, and even when it tampers down on the crazy, it never fails it's original goal of shocking, exciting and confusing. The emotions overload alone will kill you!

I can't wait to continue this series, because it only gets better as time wars on. I also don't know how much time we have left with Deuce, but I will cherish every last drop.  I have loved this man throughout this series and I can't wait to get my hands on more of this raw and crass series!

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