Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Perfect Regret by A. Meredith Walters

I didn't hate it, but i didn't believe it either.

Meredith is one of those writers like Abbi Glines who stump me. They have series that rock you so hard you crumble! And then they have ones that are so lackluster that you have to return to the cover to check if this is the right book and by your favorite author.

Now I know 'Find you in the dark' and 'Bad Rep' series are polar opposites, and I in no way expect them to convey the same feelings or emotions, but where was the passion in the book?! o.o

Riley was so pretentious and snarky that I still don't believe her. And just like Garrett, I end the book waiting on the other shoe to drop. Honestly, I don't know why he bothers, because her valid reasons are the ones overlooked and Damien seem like a better option. Garrett is too sweet and cool for the walking sarcasm that is Riley Walker.

Sarcasm is all good and well, and I love that Riley had a come back for everything. I am also pretty sure the girl can fight. Irrespective of my feelings, regarding her treatment of Garrett, I loved her character. She was steadfast and unyielding. She wasn't mushy and I actually believed the moments she tries to behave like your typical college female. But for all the believable snark, I just didn't get the passion from her and Garrett's relationship. I personally think it would be better if they had started a relationship and we got to see Riley in her full on strong persona as they navigate their unlikely relationship.

When I decided to read this book, I thought we were getting a book about Cole. I confused him as being the lead singer. When I found out who he was, for the love of me, I couldn't remember much of his character from 'Bad Rep', other than he had the party house. But after reading this novel, I don't think I can forget him. He is deep, soulful and the most passionate thing in this whole novel.

I loved his stolen Riley moments, as I like to call them, and the way he expresses his feelings. I also love that he wasn't a total love sick puppy, as well as, his penchant for keeping everyone calm. The boy couldn't care less what tomorrow would bring! If I had the inkling to get a tattoo, I would get his. His words are true and stayed with me throughout the novel. I loved his indifference when necessary and I believe that he is the perfect match for Riley. I just wish their chemistry could have been developed more.

Somewhere along the lines of this novel, a death occurs and a character we love goes off the rails almost dying herself. What I want to know is ... why? They didn't make that much difference to the story line or the lead characters. The death wasn't even mourned properly, if at all. It was done in passing and felt rather light and unimportant in the grand scheme of this novel. It was not an epiphany nor did it bring about one. All it did was add another layer to a connection that needed more than dying words to be strong.

As for the substance abuse story line ... once again, why?! It held no merit. We still don't know what caused it to start and I am not sure how it even ended. Then again, I guess almost dying will make you do just about anything -_-

It was good to reconnect with all the characters and see where they are headed, even if for this particular set of characters, I don't see some of their paths as the smarter choice ... but then again, I'm not their mama!
This was a good enough story for you to read without wanting to throw away the book. But as short as it was, it felt too long, and nothing of significance really developed by the end of this story.

I don't believe this love connection nor do I feel their passion. This was a sarcastic filled novel with one chick dishing out rejection like Sunday dinner. Still, I won't give up on this series, because I like Meredith Walters as a writer and maybe the next tale in this series will be better.


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