Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Fueled By K. Bromberg

Your a chatty one aren't you Ms. Bromberg o.O

This story was long. It obviously wasn't lost on the author of it's length either, as it was noted in her chapter long acknowledgement. Felt like the beginning of another story actually, but I digress.

There was a constant tug-o-war with this novel, that lead into the very predictable ending. Still, I can acknowledge change, and there was change. I liked the character more than I did in 'Driven', but I also got frustrated and tired of them frequently. I blame that though, on the length of this novel and the repetitive conversations, situations, solutions and all round merry-go-round of it all. It's the same issue, (yes singular) from chapter to chapter, and we could have been done with this eons ago! At least 50% of this novel could have been chopped because it was the constant uncertainty with regards to Colton's feelings. You get tired of it, and just want it to all be over.

However, this is where the double standard occurs, because it is this length, repetition and uncertainty that added that real world feel to this book that made it believable. The stubbornness of a female and the inability of the wronged man to get through that thick wall we erect when we get hurt by said man.

I had asked from my last review of book 1 for Colton's POV, and while it helped much with some uber important scenes, at time it felt like a space holder. If your gonna do it ... commit.

Growth was slow and occasionally I wondered where this story was going, because once again, the repetition of the one set of issues was too much. Especially with the time frame. I don't even know if six months passed in between this novel. And for once, I would have liked for this story to end on a good note. These cliffhangers are maddening! Expected, but infuriating nonetheless. I assume he's alive, being in the final installment and all, but give us a good ending for once man! Even though it's probably too late for that plea now.

We got to find out more about Colton in this installment, as well as, to meet his family, however brief, and to get an update as to their views on his relationships. It was also good to know that Quinlan has a good side. I still believe more could have been revealed or solved in this novel, as oppose to piling it all in the third book. But with the length of the novels in this series, she might just have it covered.

I personally still can't connect with Rylee like I would like to. I don't hate the girl, but she isn't easy to relate to, for me at least, regardless of her selflessness and the way she reacts to her boys. I want to connect with her, but I just can't seem to get it. Maybe the next book will help.

Still, it was good to see her grow a spine within the pity party that is her life. Even though her self-esteem issues annoy the hell out of me, I loved those moments when she stood up for herself, Colt and their relationship.

There were sweet touches to this novel, like the substituting of love, and it was good to finally get the meaning of A.C.E. ... have to say it was killing me to know also. And as always, I adore a book that incorporates music, especially the way K. Bromberg does for Colton and Rylee.

Despite how I feel about the main characters separately, I can't deny that I love them as a couple and would love for them to STAY this way throughout the next book. Stop testing them so hard man! You about to break them.

Lengthy or not, there was definite growth to this novel, as well as, the character of Colton, Zander and even Shane. I loved the progress, even as slow as it was, and I can't wait to conclude this series. Colton is in a better place and Rylee is strengthening. We might just have it all in the final installment. A lot of pressure, but I hope Ms. Bromberg is up to the challenge!

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