Saturday, 28 September 2013

Lifeless By J.M. LaRocca

This story reminded me of a police report or statement. We spent a lot of time in the mind of Scarlett and conversations were few and unnecessary all at the same time. When there were conversations, they were of little to no importance and the things we should have spent time discussing were never touched.

I felt no connection between the characters, especially where it mattered, with Kade and Scarlett. Their back stories and relationship were not believable at all. I will give them the first sex scene, as it was hot and got you going. I felt like this story kept going to dead ends and had no identity or direction. The emotions are flat, the relationships are speculative and the amount of time spent talking with or about Jess could have actually been used to create some passion or connection with  Kade and Scarlett.

Scarlett's a confusing character. I didn't hate her, but I never connect with her either. Actually, she didn't connect with others in this story either. I spent half the time embarrassed for her and the other half wondering what she is doing or what she will do. Have to say though, she ain't predictable!

I don't really know Kade as a character, even with receiving his POV.  He was like the rest of the story, flat and vague. The times he was present in this novel were few and far between, that lead me to believe that maybe he wasn't the love interest after all.

Scarlett falls in "love" and it was hinted that Kade might have whispered the words, but I honestly feel that by the end of this novel, everyone forgot, Kade and Scarlett included. There was too much and too little tears. I just couldn't get a balance with this story. The make-up regimen was too much. I believe that when a book can take half a page to describe getting ready, then it definitely has too many pages on it's hands!

I like Jules. She's a real down for the count friend. Jess is like a pinata space holder. Even when the girl ain't around they are talking about her. My point is, the petty things were overly elaborated while we kept waiting for the main story to kick up some steam.

At around 80% of this novel though, I did sit up and take notice as I felt a little hidden story begin. But then it fell again and before we know it, we are getting a two POV cliffhanger ending. I have to say that they are interesting enough endings for me to want to know what is going to happen.

To sum it all up, this book lacked passion, emotion and identity. There was a standard undercurrent of anxiety with the amount of uncertainty floating around, but the story line was weakly developed and the connections just didn't do it for me. I hope we get a lot more action, passion and conversations from the next book.

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