Sunday, 8 September 2013

Till Death By Alessandra Torre

It's like I am reading a different story every time. There is never a dull moment in the diary of Jennifer Ann Dumont.

With that being said though, I am not so sure I am on board with her final plans. I feel this book, as well as, her emotions taking a turn and I think she is treading dangerous waters. I for one, prefer when she is in the shallows and away from harm. Nathan is an emotional ice box in love with a betraying ghost. $100 Mil or more, the fact that someone who is suppose to love you will do that with no remorse, should be a sign. Which just makes him the literal fool in love (That song never had meaning to me until now)

I can say though that I am warming to his character, but I am in no way at the point where Candy (Yes I still call her that) is at. I am still apprehensive and have only found that with communication, he can be liked as a person ... anything else? Is just pushing it.

Drew ... Drew ... Drew. This guys is in a very snug spot! Regardless of his intentions, as well as, their martial situation, he has done a grave wrong. I am starting to believe his family blood is that of betrayal. I know he has good intentions, but that doesn't make none of his actions right. But somewhere in this all, I am loosing my faith in the passion between himself and Candy. He is becoming a really good place holder. I ain't even gonna lie, these men know how to get a girl wet! Their demeanor, dirty talks ... sometimes just their presence, have you wanting to hike up your skirt and get some!

The voyeur in me is totally loving these sex scenes as they go along. I feel it every time Nathan touches her, talks to her and boy do I wanna come too. He might belong to someone else, but in those moments. He is hers.

This story line is one of loneliness, love, devotion and struggle. Both characters are staring down the barrel of these emotions, and darn it but Alessandra Torre is swaying me to pick a guy, especially one that I planned on hating.

It feels like it is just beginning, but apparently the end is on the horizon, and I feel like I will be panting for more by the end of this book. Lines have been drawn and so much is at stake. I can't wait to get to the conclusion of this story, to see who has the winning hands. A fine game of poker is about to be played and I hope Candy has the winning hand!

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