Sunday, 29 September 2013

Make Me Yours By Kendall Ryan

Kendall Ryan definitely knows how to write a passionate sex scene. I will forever "clench" at the name Cohen! To be honest, I wanna sit and just read that one sex scenes over and over again!

I loved this novel. I love Liz/Eliza. I love Cohen. I love the reversal of roles. I love Bob. I love everything about this novel and the sex scenes with or without penetration were all intense and meticulously presented and executed. Passion and heat were visible all around. Even Ashlyn and Aiden had their time in the spotlight.

Speaking of, it was great to catch up with Ashlyn and Aiden, as well as, to get an update as to his memory and to finally get into the psyche of Liz. Cohen's struggle was done beautifully also, regardless of his reasoning.

I loved Liz from 'Unravel Me' and I love her even more in 'Make me Yours'. Her horny inner monologues were hilarious and her unconventional relationship with Cohen was complicated but real. I felt their connection. Their sexual tension and compatibility was off the charts hot!!

Their subtle moments and the opportunity to watch as their relationship changed and turned into more than friendship, was written to excite and pull alot of different emotions from the readers. The journey, even though it took place mostly in Cohen's flat, was a good one that kept you interested at every turn.

Cohen is perfect. He's even the perfect virgin if that makes sense. His will power rivals that of a monk! I was equal parts apprehensive and giddy to read about a virgin that is a guy, as this is my first, and I am proud to say that I was not disappointed and his story surpassed my expectations.

Regardless of the elephant throughout this novel, we didn't focus solely on his vow of celibacy. We got to know both characters as individuals and as a couple. It lingered but didn't over power. When the time came though, I was as horny as they come and felt more than your usual deflowering sex scenes. I'm not sure if it's the reversal of roles, or maybe it's just Cohen, but it got me dripping!!! ;)

There wasn't an influx of drama and the moments spent apart were bearable. This novel was never over done and kept it's comfortable, easy to read pace throughout it's entirety. I was never bored or deterred. I kept checking my percentage, hoping we could add just a little bit more, because I loved watching Cohen and Liz interact, even without the sex. Those were just really good added bonuses.

Don't judge this book by it's cover or blurb. It is funny, witty and fill with a good, "vocal" group of friends who make you comfortable as you go on their journey. Love was the least of my worries in reading this novel, because the connections were there off the bat and the comfort level had you captured from beginning to end.

There was love, forgiveness, friendship, trust, an insane amounts of lust and sex scenes that makes us all wanna bag a virgin! There was never a dull moment and I enjoyed the story and journey of Liz and Cohen. He wasn't an experiences alpha-male, but he was an alpha-male. He made me wanna cross over to the good side if they produced guys like him.

I'm sad to see this series end, but I can't wait for the next Kendall Ryan novel!

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