Saturday, 21 September 2013

Ruin By Rachel Van Dyken

Wes, Clay, Remy ... I might need some professional help, because I tend to gravitate and love the sick book boyfriends. Mental or otherwise.

Wes is dying ... if that doesn't make for a good and bad story, then I don't know what does. The thing is though, he is more than his illness. While the ending of this story was a little bit too religious for my taste, I still enjoyed this story, as well as the characters.

Anyone can throw a story together and expect sympathy for a sick character, but only a few can make it as good as 'Ruin' was and make us completely forget the bigger picture at hand. Even with updates and reminders, we get to focus on Wes and Kiersten and not their short comings.

I love Weston Michels. I just love his sunny disposition regardless of the thunderstorm that looms above his head, and I love how he brought everyone together and kept it real all the time. I don't know if it's the clock that was counting down his life, but he sure knew how to enjoy each moment and take every situation head on!

He kept me snickering and all out howling with laughter from beginning to near end. After all, the end was no joke. He was an insightful character, that had me reevaluating my life. To top it all off, he wasn't an emo, cliched stereotype, which bring brings me back to the list of guys at the beginning of this review. They seemed normal and for the most were.

He was just a regular guy with a life threatening disease trying to navigate his last year of college and the beginning of a relationship with the ever sarcastic and entertaining Kiersten.

Speaking of, I also adored her character. I loved her reactions, as well as, philosophies. If you think about this book, like really think about it, this was more Wes's story than Kiersten. The blurb had me leaning towards Kiersten, but the story had me craving Wes.

I loved their inner monologues at the beginning of each chapter, and how it prepared us for what was ahead in said chapter. Gabe and Lisa were welcomes additions also, but I find myself wanting to know what their story was, and if Gabe might be gay. I don't wanna stereotype, but he was more feminine than a playboy. Maybe he will get a book ... who knows!

While small and not very exciting, I liked their pseudo bucket list and I am glad that Lisa and Gabe got to partake in some of the challenges.

I have seen other reviewers say this story is too sweet and perfect, or other things of the sort.While I believe that everyone is free to their own opinion, I have to be 50/50 on this one. This is a sweet novel, regardless of the death looming. Still, with such a thing looming, I believe that the right direction and battles were included. This novel didn't need unnecessary drama. It had just the right mix.

There might not be any fights or only a small amount of anxious moments, but you were kept guessing and anxiety rips you apart as you try to figure out his illness and the possibilities. This was  subtle, and to the point romance. Even with the never ending fairy tale aspect to it all, it still rocked.

I'd also like to apologize to the author for my snickering and wondering if sarcasm gave her the name Uncle JoBob. It's actually a real name folks, and he is very ill also. Even the dedication was beautiful. Subtle but sweet is my reaction to this novel. I am so glad I wasn't disappointed. Maybe Wes will let me count his abs as a bonus :D

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