Thursday, 12 September 2013

Uncockblockable By Shay Savage

The funny thing is, I began reading the Evan Arden series, because I stumbled on this book on Amazon and found it to be the silliest title ever, so I decide to take a look :)

Surprise, surprise, I wasn't disappointed. Neither was I from this short slice of Nick' s life. It was entertaining and a little cliche with a speedy ending, that didn't convey the deep feelings it projected, but therefore came off as unrealistic. Still, it doesn't deduce from it being a nice novella that occasionally crossed into some scenes from book 2 in the Evan Arden trilogy. It was also nice to see Evan through another's POV except for Lia, and yup! he is as intimidating as suggested.

Nick is quick on his feet and has an answer for everything. He definitely makes being a  professional bum seem like a dream job, and the guy seems to be 100% uncockblockable . I don't care what he says, but the man is like a bounty hunter ... he always catches his mark!

His own personal female Achilles heel of sorts has nice eyes, but then ... that's it. Oh yeah, she might be Russian too. Not really sure. We don't know much about her, but she seems like a cool down for the count kinda chick. I'd have loved a full novel for them, where Nick gets a work life of sorts and Melina keeps him on his feet.

Regardless of the aim behind this installment, and the speed with which it was conducted and executed, it was nicely written with just the right emotions, fun and laughter. If not for the writing, at least get a copy for the aim. Cancer affects us all at some time in our lives. Help someone if you can!

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