Monday, 2 September 2013

Stripped By H.M. Ward

I am not impressed. I don't know what exactly I was expecting from this novel but I know that I never got it. I get the back story and the foundation is solid. Still, all that anticipation and angst leading up to a cliffhanger just has me wondering if it's the series or the novel? o.O

I liked Jonathan, from all the earlier novels featuring the Ferro brothers, and I still like him. I also love Cassie and even Beth. I believe this is also the first Ferro Brothers novel that carries a dual POV and that also brought my expectation up a notch. It was of major help in the beginning stages of this novel, but just like the rest of it, it faded within the last pages.

Cassie's current and past situations are ones we have seen already, but from her beliefs, and their foundation, from their first meeting until their reunion, is so off key and different,  that you see it as for the potential it has, but it's still not quite developed enough for me to appreciate this novel at the end. I just wanted more!

So much emphasis is placed on Cassie's betrayal, which wasn't even a betrayal, that my expectations were once again blown to bits because it held more promise than it gave. I am also so tired of seeing Sean and Avery, that it just brings back my disdain for the suffering of what is 'The Arrangement' series. We keep crossing over through the characters from 'Damaged' and 'The Arrangement' and  I just want to focus on Jon and Cassie without the Ferro name. However, true to his word, Peter was right in 'Damaged 2' when he said that Jon values the name and money more than the other brothers.

This therefore make me question the significance of keeping a rundown real estate to prove pride, as I'm sure it can't be anything else as no one has sentimental value to the place, especially not Jon. This isn't even the event that annoys me most. The only annoying factor for me and these characters, span the entire second half of this novel. I hate Sean. Honestly, I can only see the goods side of him when Avery talks about it, but after 9 installments I hate her too.  I am beginning to loathe both their existence. Stop putting them in everything and stick with ONE story line already!

I saw and felt when Jon fell in love with Cassie and vice versa. I got their passion and drive. But after years apart ... it's not quite the same anymore. Something is still missing to tie this all together. All I know is, I liked who he was when he was younger and with her.

It is lovely when you can link your stories, but Ms. Ward needs to write a series, move on and write another. The constant connection is getting old and is taking away from the main story of these characters. I would not say that Ms. Ward doesn't have the ability to write, because she does. I however, found this story lacking, dragging and then bouncing into a very anti-climatic ending.

I am tired of Trystan Scott and I haven't even read his series. Not even sure if I want to, because all this round about affair is starting to make my head spin. I think after 55% into this book when we switch back to present day Jon and Cassie, I got confused, thrown and not so much interested. If not for wanting to know Cassie's betrayal, I would have probably given up.

The depth, foundation and connection broke when we came back to the present. I just wanted to stay in the past and watch then grow even if it's to part, because as is, I have no clue where they are going and the middle of conversation cliffhangers with the Ferro family series is getting old now. Just write the book already and stop with the shenanigans!!

I appreciated this story in the beginning and fell in love with the young Cassie and Jon. Their relationship was believable, and the connection was deep and riveting. When we get into present day, I am not so sure as to where we are going or what is happening. I can assume as to the storm that lies ahead, but I feel like there is so much missing and I don't know if I can put the pieces together. The ending of this novel felt like the middle and I am left feeling like this book is too incomplete for the end of part 1.

A good story line, I just hope to get a point across before my interest dies. Because as is, I am not as interested in the fall outs and follow ups. I'm not squealing with delight or looking forward to book 2. At this point, I just want to finish what I started, because this story did not live up to my expectations and lulled into the background.

At times it didn't even seem like Jon's story. He still felt like background noise and as such I wasn't moved. Still, it's good writing and conversation, just not enough passion, intrigue or conviction. I don't know where we are going and I am not a fan of uncertainty.

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