Monday, 2 September 2013

Backstage Pass By Elizabeth Nelson

There's not much to say about this book, as I am thinking it might be a series, as it had a very abrupt ending and lasted over a literal four day period. There seems to be a back story for Sasha, but Jesse seems to be the complete opposite of your usual bad boy rocker.

Jesse is more the quirky best friend who has the rocker's back in these kind of novels. Even though I am sure that is not his role, it brings that vibe occasionally. Other than him having a stable family life and don't mind acting a goof to get the girls in a good mood, I don't know much about him but I like him so far and hope that he remains the perfect patty that he is if he wants to get his convictions across. That hospital scene was estrogen filled for a man!

Sasha is ... I'm not sure. I haven't really gotten a handle on her yet, but I know that she is a tough cookie with strong parental issues. Mostly daddy issues if you ask me. She seems like a nice girl, but she tends to project her  issues onto others. I love her banters with Jesse, as they are sweet, witty and funny. While they haven't reached fore burning levels, I can see them building up to that point.

Kerri comes and go and once again, four days wasn't enough time for me to know her character much either. She seems like a cool chick and all we can do is wait to see where this go ... granted there is a continuation.

Sasha has a strong dislike for musicians that we figure out at the end, Jesse is quirky fun all rolled up in bad boy rocker gear and Kerri is their trusty sidekick coming along for the ride. There's not much more to this story other than a girl trying to be with a guy, with the one career she despises, and that guy and best friend trying to prove her wrong.

Depth wasn't the order for this installment but it has a good enough foundation if this story is to continue. If not? Then it was just an introduction to a potential filled novel and nothing else.

I do hope there is a continuation, so I can see where it all goes from here. My interest is piqued and I would love to delve deeper into Sasha's world.

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