Saturday, 7 September 2013

Addicted to You By Colina Brennan

Short, spicy and sweet. What more can I say? This is a simple, to the point, drama free novel that still keeps your entertained and snickering occasionally.

We get a back story within this novel, as we traverse the present. We get to see as Leah winds down sex addicts anonymous, and Will begin his study of this strangely composed group of addicts. I loved all the characters as well as the sessions. The group was not what you expect and that made it much more fun trying to figure out their sexual preferences. I am glad that regardless of the amount of sessions visited, that each session was different, and held a little more piece of this puzzle, for not just the major, but the minor characters.

Will is ... different. Initially, I thought he might be a nerd. He seemed rather shy, reserved and c'mon ... dude owns a cat -_- (No offence guy cat lovers out there!) ... but mix that all together, and I have to say, I was a little suspicious. Anyway, he proved himself to be awesome and quite the Adonis! He was patient, funny, witty and intriguing at times. I loved his relationship with Finn, as well as, their conversations and comrade.

Speaking of Finn, I adored his character and honestly can't wait to read his book. He is the artsy type, but I think I can manage. He has spunk, wit, talent, and to top it all off, he's bisexual! Doesn't get any better than that! ... totally digging this dude! He brings drama and humor of his own kind, and is definitely the life of this party.

Leah is not your usual shy, bad, or indifferent chick. She is all of the above. Maybe with exception to the shy part. She is an ice queen, but god do we love her! She brings fire to this novel, and keeps us laughing with her facial expressions, indifference and all out death glare. I'd want to be this girl friend, but I don't know if she'd go for that.

This story was more than the sex, and actually possessed literally ONE sex scene! If you are reading just for the sex, then you will be sorely disappointed. Though I must say, that even without a mass amount of foreplay, the one and only sex scene was passionate and got me stirring a little ;)

Even little Elijah played his nine year old role well. If anything, I would have loved to spend more time with these characters, and see Leah get some form of challenge with regards to her Scot. Which might I say, had a totally hot accent!!! You might not be able to hear it, but the tidbits of lingo gave me the warm and fuzzes all over! In all honesty, this novel made you feel sexed without having any. It was sensual, deep and light all at the same time. We were never too serious, but we still got a good story without having really bad writing.

To sum it all up, I loved this story. I might have wanted some more drama or a challenge that lasted longer than a mediocre week, but I was kept interested and enjoyed going through the paces with these characters. There was banter, wit, excitement, surprise ... truth be told ... even disgust. But it was all in great fun and humor. I loved the integration of all the characters and I have to say that we got a great novel from it.

If your looking for a chill, laid back read, then this is it. You don't get too deep, but you aren't in the shallow end either. Can't wait for book 2, because I expect a whole lot of drama from Finn and Kat!

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