Sunday, 8 September 2013

Do Us Part By Alessandra Torre

How did she do it? I have no clue. Alessandra Torre is my new queen of novella and mini series writing. I love every minute of this series. I have to say, I was skeptic about a rush of an ending, because of the books length, but hot damn she did it!! :D

It all came to a head and more. Candy impressed me and I am glad she took some initiative and protected herself. Even if she also betrayed him in the process. Let's face it ... he deserved some of it.

We got to see the turning points throughout this story, and believe me, there was more than one. I am still trying to figure out how she placed so much information in so little pages and still give it meaning, foundation, climax and all. Something that even 300 page novellas can't seem to do.

Okay, okay ... I will be the first to say that I have fallen in love with Nathan. *sighz* ... yes, he has hooked me with his incredible sex, voyeuristic tendencies, cold indifference and down right lack of knowledge with regards to Candy's feelings.

That must have been the funniest, most intense, hot and sexy marriage counselling session ever known to man. Boy would I have loved to actually see that. Aroused doesn't describe that kiss, as well as, Candy and Nathan's continual lack of care for privacy. This series will bring out the crazy in anyone!

Still, I would have loved to get more from Drew. I want to know his feelings towards everything, as well as, what will now become of his life outside of finding the witch that is Cecile. I already thought she was not worth the effort, but she just proved that ten times over.

Even though this series span a mere 3 months, it was exciting, intriguing, intense and the sexual chemistry was blowing the top off this book. We got foundation, suspense, mystery, love, hurt, sex and sarcasm (that flowers scene had me snickering like a Cheshire Cat). I was hooked from the first to the last word of this novel. I was never bored and my skin prickled continually with excitement. I just couldn't and still can't get enough.

To make matters better, there is a double ending. Value for money? I agree! I also have to give props to Miguel Kilantang Jr who did the covers for this series ... dude! Seriously? There is so much said in the eyes of these people that I am floored. I feel like I could sense what lay ahead just from the eyes on the cover of these books. I finally understand the saying of eyes being the windows to our souls. A lot of cliches validated in this series. From a fools in love to the windows to our souls.

I loved this series, the characters, the development, scenes and yes, the passion, lust filled, heart attack inducing sex scenes. No one got tied up but those descriptions knocked my body heat out the park! This was a spicy little miniseries that leave you wanting more while getting just enough. Grab a copy and get your fill of Nathan and Candy, I guarantee you will love the ride!

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