Saturday, 21 September 2013

Capture Me Slowly By Joya Ryan

This story had the potential, but not such a great execution. I liked Emma's character, as well as, Rhys (even though I still don't know how to pronounce his name properly). I believe that they could have passion and a lot of fire between the two, but they lacked that necessary heat as well as purpose to make me believe their connection. Her epiphany techniques were also rather ... uninspiring. Either she doesn't breathe a lot, or when she does she could find oil!

I was a fan of the initial slow and steady pace, but then the middle of this story felt like we were stalling. The reveals were lackluster and the ending was too rushed. It was so rushed I expected a cliffhanger adn was thoroughly surprised to get a HEA at like literally the last two pages. That's what you call on the edge ;)

I understand her situation, but even a passing conversation with Meg would have been nice. Afterall, she is the female in the series that she is friendlier with. Might I say also, that I find this odd, because I don't even remember them having a fleeting conversation, before they were roomies and BFFs. Kate might have been believable, but Megan kind of threw me.

Updates were few and stagnant as oppose to how we left 'Possess me Slowly'. Even then, I didn't mind as much. Then things kept shifting, and still, that was fine. But then after a while, you have to ask, where exactly is this going? When will the action surrounding Emma's situation begin?

The climax of this novel was unexpected, but subtle. Too subtle. The action scenes of this novel, that we expected from beginning, was so fast and dismissive. She barely even did half they things she was taught. I would have also liked to see who came in after him, and the motions of this guy's demise. Guess with her dying and stuff, it wasn't as important ... for who, I'm not sure.

It also baffles me, that for a self-proclaimed big brother, who understands her life, Adam is rather absent. Life threatening injuries and she wakes up to her sex buddy mom? o.O ... Or whatever he was at that point. Adam seems to take a big back bench in this novel, and even though the why is revealed later on, I still believe he was too absent. Maybe a dual POV would have helped. But now we will never know.

I have ended this novel with the basics, and feel as if I still don't know Emma and Rhys as individuals. This has always been a fast series that broach the necessary, but I still walked away feeling some sense of peace or knowledge of the characters and their future paths.

While I understand their back story, I don't really know them. I also get the sexual tension, and feel that they are comfortable as a couple. But they are so comfortable, they could be sex buddies and nothing more. They are friendly. The passion wasn't as intense between these two and I honestly expected more from the sex scenes. Maybe that cupboard scene was the most intense and I blame it on him crushing her with that Adonis body that was hinted throughout.

I liked the little self defense sessions, and hope that there are some truth to it, because knowledge is power wherever we garner it. But all together, this book felt flat for me. Emma's snark and nonchalance did so much and no more. Mase obviously is a lazy stalker, because Rhys plan wasn't that good.  Rhys seemed like a book boyfriend you could fall head over heels with. He just wasn't elaborated upon enough for me to get that connection.

Emma is to the point, in your face and I admire her penchant for deflecting and reacting the complete opposite to situations throughout the novel. But once again, this didn't help the development. It still fell short with lack of passion, intensity, proper mystery and basic satisfaction. While there was potential, the delivery left too much to the imagination. Maybe there is a novella or continuation in the works, I don't know. I think when this book ended, their story was just about to begin. Too bad we couldn't be a part of it.

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