Tuesday, 3 September 2013

One Of The Guys By Ashley Johnson

Let me start off by saying awesome cover! Loved the dimensions an positions of the cover models. Girl got attitude in that pose and I could see a Cole Johnson in the pose of the guy.

Now, let's get into the meat of the matter that is this story. It was all wrong! It wasn't a terrible story, but it was all wrong. I never believe the love affairs of this novel. Marsh was great so ... what the hell happened there. Cole was willing ... so why the hold up?  See the pattern here? -_-
They were unbelievable because of the bipolar behavior of one Samantha aka Sam. Before she even has the wind and sails being beaten out of her, she was always a little crazy and on the fence if you ask me.

She makes these crazy split second decisions that have me saying ... "Whoa!! Where did that come from?" To be honest, most of this novel was built this way. I was thrown for a loop so many times. I was confused and not at all following the bandwagon.

I can't understand her strength or even what kind of fights they were having. She is a timid little thing whose head is up in the clouds, and what has she been doing from 18 to 21? Because it's not school, so what else? There are so many missing chunks in all the characters lives, and their reveals are so lackluster that when they are finally revealed, I'm not as moved as I should be.

Anyhoo, Bouncing back to her frail and tiny wrist (that she points out), I can't understand her background training, as it is impossible for her to be fresh off the street, and in two weeks time wiping the floor with even guys, and making a name for herself in the fighting world... yup! queue unbelievable music! Where are they fighting ... Disney Land?? o.O

Foundation was needed. While we got some summaries, I just couldn't fathom some of the overnight developments. If she had the basics down, why was she getting beat? Furthermore, what was with her final decision in this novel, and will she ever go to school or find a job? Better yet, where are the other members of this gym and how do they upkeep the place if they are all there is? o.O ... I hope you are seeing my point here, as this all seems like fantasy land to me. Plus I have no clue how these fights are brokered or assembled, heck! not even the characters knew. Are names picked from a cracker jack box?! Help me out here!

Sam is selfish. And that is the crux of the matter. She seems to have this goddess complex that everyone seems to allow her to have, except for Marsh, who just gave up on the chase. Don't wanna be a wench here, but why must people always be running this chick down?!

Manly men were few in this novel. They were either a blubbering mess, or so mushy that I began wondering if they wore panties and had a menstrual cycle. I swear the women in this novel were tougher than the men. I'm not sure if it's the feminist in Ms. Johnson, or sheer coincidence, but get these guys need some balls!!

The sporadic bouts of fits that Sam threw also got on my nerves constantly! I don't know why Cole bother nor why she kept behaving this way. Seeing as how this book was from a dual POV, we have a good estimate as to what's going on in both their brains, and as such, what played out, was just as I said in the beginning ... wrong!

Cole was like those love sick ... 'why-can't-you-love-me-instead' guys from the novels we read. C'mon dude! Grow a pair and act like a man and get control of this broad! ... I usually don't speak like this, or need men to act like this, but Sam needed a manly man (even she said so). By the end of this book, I still didn't see one or understand the numerous amount of breaks that were taken throughout this novel.

With that being said though. It is bearable. It's not a bad cast, just an annoying female heroine with a goddess complex, and we get to see her life randomly fall apart for a couple of months, as she up her Queen of Sheba level around a guy, who needs an identity, as a love sick puppy or a hardcore fighter in love. You can't be both!

If I can put the personality traits of the characters out of mind, and get some sensible direction from this novel, I could love it. I had my moments when I was intrigued, but I also couldn't stand the breaks and unnecessary fights. It's like the whole story line was one big fight. I just wanted it to all come together.

It's not be the best fighter story out there, but the characters are fine enough. Still, it's nothing to write home about.


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