Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Otherwise Occupied By Shay Savage

So that's what a jaw dropping, need a time machine ending looks like O.O

I swear I went to my bed and had dreams about the outcome of this book. I keep asking myself "What the hell was that?" o.O How do I get more now, and how in heavens is she going to get him out of this? Not even your everyday mob book has this straight forward you did it ending. I don't see the way ... please Shay, show me the way out of all of this!! Please tell me that was a crazy dream and we are gonna wake up, because .... I don't know ... I am rendered speechless!!!

This book should be a poster child for real PTSD, symptoms, progress ... just everything! Things were cool, calm and collected. We watch Odin and Evan go through their days, and get to see Evan in his element, and how far his loyalty goes to Moretti, as well as, what he will do to complete a job ... then bam! ... Out of no where, the guy just shocks the panties off us all and then we get a preview that could be anything. I am so frustrated at this point!

I kept wondering when superman would meet his kryptonite, but I never in a million years expected it to be himself. Don't blink when reading this book, because you will miss something important!

This was a much bloodier book than the first. Evan is more of his nonchalant self that I fell in love with. There is something about his all round detachment that I feel comfortable with and boy the guy can build a profile! His talents are wasted, because the guy is a genius ... so naturally he was one incident away from becoming a certified criminal or crazy ... at this point, I don't even know.

I liked Bridgette ... or whatever her real name is. I didn't even miss Lia because how can you miss someone that you spent one day with? I never got that strong a connection from them, but I was beginning to like her and the prospect of him settling with her.

I ended this book thinking than Jonathan still hasn't got his Ferris Bueller shirt. This was a sad ending that you honestly don't feel until you are off the adrenaline high from the final scene. Honestly, I'm still twitching!
Even though our main character tries his hardest to not feel or develop emotions for anyone in this novel, the few that has his respect got mine too.

There is no bells and whistle with this guy or this story. It is straight to the point, in your face, shock you out your boots kind of tale. There is no remorse, HEA and up until that last scene, no justice. I was starting to wonder if it was turning into a Gotham City and needed a Bruce Wayne for Evan Arden only. Not that he'd mind, the guy seems to have no regards for death or life for that matter.

I swear, if the man even thinks about killing you in this novel, it happens before the end of this book. And the funny thing is, this is a short and to the point story that actually depicts PTSD overwhelmingly well. I believe this version more than most. The development, trigger, reactions and everything in between.

I don't know how, but Shay Savage has found a way to give us a long distance love story, while depicting war effects and the "fixer" side of organized crime. It was never overly laden with mob talk and procedures, but it was beautifully written to never leave us lacking. Every page was important, entertaining or intriguing.

I am sure there might be points to this story that I am missing, but it is so much that I am a little overwhelmed. Still, I would recommend this book, as it will leave your jaws on the floor by the end. Evan Arden is _____ (I'll let you fill that in)

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