Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sometimes It Lasts By Abbi Glines

Wow ... so it took me the span of prolly say two, almost three days, to complete this book. I won't blame it all on the book, but at the end of this novel, I don't see the necessity of this installment in the 'Sea Breeze' series. We could have moved on to another character.

Cage was the first bad boy I fell in love with in this series and I was rather upset when I got a watered down version of him in 'While it Lasts'. At least we got a glimpse of the Cage York sarcasm we love in this novel.

Cage loves Eva. Everyone knows this. So why this story? ... not too sure. It even span a stretch of 6 months, that I hardly felt or acknowledged and gave us a serious death in between ... but why? In the end, it was rather anti-climatic when it mattered. The reveals were as flat as pancakes, and don't even get me started on the epiphanies -_-

Was there even a struggle or purpose or ... I don't know, something! What's with all these crazy plots just thrown together to make a subtle book about Eva and Cage. It should have probably been titled 'Eva and Cage's first major fight'. Even the climaxes were flat.

Still, it will always be better than the first book in this series. It was good to catch up with the gang and to see how everyone was adopting from the last book till present. I also loved that we had growth, and that we weren't thrown back months, but kept moving forward.

I am confused though as to Eva's reaction to her daddy's death. I expected at least a "shrill wail" if you know what I mean. Is it the time she got, or did her father not hold as much merit as Josh? o.O

She almost withered away pining over his death, but her father's death was done in such as a passive manner. She was shiny new Eva throughout and the most emotion she showed belong to her relationship status with Cage.

Cage was still his love sick self since meeting Eva, but I loved his times away from Eva, when we got some of his sarcasm that made me fall in love with this character initially. His POVs held more interest for me, but I still loved them both.

I in now way intend to bash this story, but I do feel as if this story was rather tame for the next in the series, as well as, for being that of Eva and Cage's. They elicit so much passion, uncertainty and a whole other range of emotions that I find it hard for them to lose so much of that spark with this novel.

This might not have been Abbi Glines best work with regards to plot reveals, anxiety and passion. But it was good enough to read without wanting to give up on it. It was nice to reconnect with all the characters and see things fall in place for the continuation of this series.

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