Sunday, 29 September 2013

Not Your Fault By Cheyanne Young

Well then ... hmmm. I am gonna blame the disconnect, with me and this novel, on the reviews I read before actually reading this story. It's not that the premise or characters were all that bad. It's more the writing and delivery. I am one confused ball of emotions because I doubt there is a complete important scene or train of thought. If Delaney feel too lazy to finish a thought or sentence, it all ended there.

There are a vast amount of conversations waiting to be expounded upon. We left in the middle and start of important conversations and discussions and we just didn't bother to revisit them. This obviously didn't help much with clarity also, because most of the time was spent in the mind of Delaney, as oppose to having an actual conversation, or in this story case, confrontations.

There was a major disconnect between the characters within this novel. I could hardly believe their reactions and emotions. The build up was so weak. The whole story seemed speculative if you ask me. I lost my own train of thought a million times over.

The children of this family seem to either be dead, drop-outs or heart broken and just gliding through life without much purpose. Then you meet the parents who are both currently doing their PHDs and I'm like ... "hmmm ... interesting. Very interesting"

Delaney seems like a cool chick. She has sarcasm down to a 'T' and her logics aren't really logical at all, but you role with them nonetheless. If anyone, I understand a relationship that has done it's time, but you don't know how to let go.  She seems to have the most awkward moments in her relationship with Nathan. Some bordering on ridiculous. (Couch sex scene) Her relationship also seems to be 5 or 6 years worth of space saving, as she is rather cold to it all.

Speaking of years, the author seems unable to lock into one or maybe she counts differently, not too sure. The time differences don't add up, but that's the least of the worries, with this confusing story that kept going ... to where, I still don't know o.o

I didn't really take anything away from this story because I don't even know if anyone forgives him. After all, he did kill her brother o.O

I understood the premise and lesson that the author wanted to teach us, but it seemed like she was a little intoxicated when writing this novel, because it came off totally unplanned and seem to be just "winging' it. It felt like you stumbled through this story. Sorting and trying to put everything together, to just throw up your hands in the end and walk away. I literally feel like I been stumbling.

Irrespective of the delivery and lingering taste, I wasn't bored or shouting out borderline bad! It was just ... there. It didn't convey much. It didn't draw you in, but it didn't run you away either. Maybe it's the length, but it was a bearable read.

Great premise and base but not so excellent of a delivery. Life, passion, emotion. I don't know. It just needed some anxiety, apprehension and overall shock or drama. A mini fit by the mom was practically the highlight and the moment she closed her mouth it all went back to the plain Jane story it's been throughout.

I wanted to like this one, but it needs to be revised and re-written to convey more of a story and not a relay of barber shop gossip.

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