Monday, 22 July 2013

Just for Now By Abbi Glines

And it just keeps getting better! I am so in love with the coastal town of Sea Breeze it isn't even funny.

I don't know if it's the lifestyle of this crew or if it's just the characters but I am baffled that this is the same series that left a bad taste in my mouth when I read book 1.

I knew Preston and Amanda's story was gonna be awesome and different, and I was not disappointed at all!!

There was more going on in Preston's life than I expected and even through my shock, I was glad because he stayed true to his character. He held the traits I looked for in Cage's story. Not that I fully supported is career choice or decisions, but I was surprised by his path and determination. He adds a new level of sexuality to this series that wasn't there before and I am starting to think that maybe he is the real bad boy of this series and not Cage. I loved every minute with him!
He was raw, passionate, funny, determined and soften my heart when ever he had to express his feelings for Amanda. That fight scene was not what I expected and helped cement my love for his character.

Amanda is the kind of woman I like!!! She sees something, she wants it, and she pursues it until it is hers! I loved her dominant feel even when she remained insecure and unsure. I always love when a female character stand up for what they want and take charge. Even when she wasn't sure, she still went after Preston and I loved every minute of her relentless pursuit! She never gave the sappy broken heart story or tried to play hard ball when the time came around for a make up. She held the true Amanda vibe and honestly, I don't know if much guys can handle the girl that is Amanda. Maybe even Preston might be out of his league. I just love this chick!!!

The introduction of the 'Drake Clan' ... as I refer to them was great and I could totally see a Jimmy story *wink*

I also loved how the entire group was more prominent in this novel and all our familiar watering holes were present. The transitions were lovely and I felt all the books being tied together to continue this story. There is no questions to ask, as they are all answered.

I am pleased as to where the story ended. Even though I could definitely read more about Preston and Amanda, I wanted them to have their HEA and felt like if we were to face anyone disapproval after their reconciliation, the story would have probably become unrealistic and dragging ... then again, who knows ... Abbi has a way to make it all better :)

While not the wildest or most adventurous of sex was had in this book, it was passionate and I loved it being told from both characters POV. There was always a level of authenticity between this couple, regardless that every single body was literally against their union, I found their strength and determination admirable and I loved how they just flow. It's something to be said for characters who have a history. It always makes for a more interesting story and takes it up a level that new love can never compare to.

Jason Stone was predominantly present in this installment, but he surprisingly wasn't a bad addition either. I guess I don't loathe everything from book 1 :)
I assume he is being primed for his upcoming book in the series, and I can't wait to get to that one. Honestly, I don't even know why Cage and Eva are getting a second book before his, because they weren't really that interesting or inspiring. I would trade for another Amanda and Preston book ... they are so much more lovable.

If you are looking for a quick quirky read to clear your mind, give you some laughs, shocks and all sort of crazy emotions, or your simply wondering if this installment is worth it, then I can assure you that you are at the right place! The right elements, characters and vibe is all here!

This couple focus more on themselves than their environs and their relationship is anything but normal. I love their banters, conversations, even their fights. Because the break up is not as dramatic and the make up is perfect for them. These characters were entertaining and kept me interested throughout.

I Can't wait to get on with another book in this series ... I just love the crew from Sea Breeze!

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