Saturday, 13 July 2013

Windows By Billy London

Let me just start off by saying that there is no way you can be friends and in love with someone for 10 years and a) not know what they really do for a living ; b) admit and prove your love in the span of a second. Why the decade then?? ya'll could have had a baby by now!

It's like one minute they are at each other throats about the rules of being friends and then in a blink of an eye, they're having UNPROTECTED sex, trying on rings and moving in together. I get that they been knowing each other, but c'mon ... really?!?! Note: all this is happening within 20% of this novel.

There's a thin line between being ungrateful and having too much pride ... she  was ungrateful! Still, she had some sort of epiphany at the end of this novel and I have no idea what brought it on or why.

Initially there were too many blast from the past and they were poorly integrated. I had to double read to realize it's not the present.

But with all that being said, I loved their back story with the decade long friendship and the easy going camaraderie as they got older. It was also nice to see an old and established couple for a change as oppose to the overnight hitters.

I'm always one for a good mob story and I loved Nick's approach in the beginning of the novel but I realize that, that side of the novel was kept to a minimum and mostly focused on the couple building a future together while sorting out their family drama.

I love Gina! She really is the trifecta. At times she got annoying and ungrateful, or a big fat cow as she likes to call herself, but I genuinely liked this character and what she stood for as well as her antics, tactics and everything in between ... like who wouldn't wanna marry this girl?

Her sense of humour is rivaled and I love the calm that she possess when in a serious situation. Honestly, the girl was made for the mafia life.

Nick was lovely and held a certain level of command that I loved. He even made me feel safe, and I love how they were laid back and relax and not at all jumpy or paranoid like most mob books, unless necessary. I also love that Nick held his grounds with regards to his weaponry. I like a man who is affirmative. Love shouldn't change you, it should enhance you!

Sofia and Paul were awesome. Paul's pathetic pleasing of his mum and lack of filter was hilarious and welcomed. Him and his wife were a match made even if it took death and years for them to realize that. Sofia was my kind of girl, true to herself and care about nobody else!

Honestly, I liked Mary Alice and her antics. she played over bearing mother and over achieving wife very well. She had a goal and she went after it. Regardless of her sins, it's admirable!

While this story lagged at certain points and barely grazed the world or organized crime, I still like it and hope that the other books will take us a little deeper. It might not have been blow your mind good, but it was good enough to read and to want to continue with the series. Hopefully the rest of the series is about this awesome group of characters. I hope they get to build and become a stronger series because I like it so far.

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