Sunday, 7 July 2013

Unbreak Me By Lexi Ryan

I love, love, love Asher!!! This is what a real man looks like!

Not a fan of love triangles, so I was skeptic in the beginning of this novel, but eventually I realize that when a guy is as awesome as Asher there can never be a line much less three!

The theme of this story was honesty. Not that there wasn't lies and secrets all around, but honesty won every time and I love watching Asher draw that from Maggie.

His approach was genius and laced with finesse. He had the right approach from beginning to end and I love the structure that their relationship started upon. That open honesty was a breath of fresh air.

Maggie is a lost and confused soul. She makes some terrible choices and mistakes but she isn't afraid to own up to them. I love her openness when it comes to sex and how it aids in the banters and whimsical vibe of this novel. She is a wild child and loving it!  I'd be friends with this chick! Yup! She's that amazing!

I really loved the family scenes, as this was one awesome family and I couldn't get enough of granny and the twins.

Will is a great man, and I am uncertain as to why a world of hurt was piled on his doorstep and I really wish he could have gotten his HEA too. I don't ever understand when good guys are set up for a world of hurt in these novels. I guess it's to show the unbalance that is life.

I got the premise of the story and I gotta say I love it, because it's one I haven't ventured into before from this angle and I always wondered about how a confident, self assured mistress feels in this situation. Totally got my answer!

At the end of this book, I was stunned  that all this drama was over one summer. It felt like such a long time and I am not certain if it's due to the length of time the characters knew each other. and the intimate setting of a small town.

I am really sorry we didn't get much more of Asher' s POV and that we weren't present for a lot of the end decisions as well as the abrupt end and short basically unnecessary epilogue, as it didn't have much in ways of the normal purpose of an epilogue. It left me with questions on so much fronts, with practically all the characters.

I am now wondering if there will be a book 2, because there is still so much to say and a few questions to be answered.

Still, I loved this story in what it represents, how it was delivered and the amazing cast of characters that kept you entertained and interested, by telling the truth at just the right pace and time.

Twists were kept secret for as long as possible and while some weren't shockers, because we were in the know from another POV, I still loved the deliveries and timings.

If you are looking for a summer read that doesn't feel like one at all, and sticks to the story without deviations, then this one is for you. It has layers you can peel back and insight you might be able to use.

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