Sunday, 21 July 2013

Pieces of Lies By Angela Richardson

I'm not one for love triangles, but this girl is literally in a love square! The funny thing is, they are all the same. All good enough guys who love her, but still has some deep secrets hiding from a person who values honesty above all else ... even if she slips up sometimes.

Let me just say, that this is a good story with a lot of twist, turns and secrets. Due to this, it not only makes for a great story line, but it also left the story in shambles. It's like an incomplete jig saw puzzle. I keep waiting for the final pieces to come together. Just when you think it's HEA time, a next chapter comes with even more questions.

I like Norah's character, even if she is a little crazy. I love her banters with Clint and how fierce and loyal she is to her father, regardless of the job he possess and the rampage he has reeked over her life. She is full of life, love and creativity. She gives the book  spark and I really hope people will stop lying to her now. She deserves better!

The thing with love triangles, is that sometimes you are not sure which one of the guys you want her to be with, and that's why I try not to read too many books about one. But what makes this one even harder, is the constant conflict of who is hurting her more than the other. In retrospect, other than their unconventional meeting, Samuel has been the least deceitful. Still, I don't want her with him or Josh.

Josh is a good friend, but that's all I see him as in this novel. I never felt the passion of their first kiss, but I sure love how she flows with Clint. I honestly thought that this would be it from them, but apparently he is hiding some secret and I really hope it's not big enough to tear them apart.

Tess comes and goes and I am not too sure what to make of her character just yet. As a matter of fact, other than Norah, I can't fully say I understand or love and individual character. There is so many lies and secrets I don't know who to trust! Therefore, I haven't buckled down to this novel in hopes of picking out my faves.

While we spent  a lot of time in the mind of Norah, it wasn't bad being there and I found that I love the story line, and progression, even if I was left feeling ... incomplete.

This story didn't draw much emotions from me, but there was a few moments where I was apprehensive and utterly anxious as to what waited on the other page. It kept a fair pace and definitely kept me guessing what is happening and if it's true or not.

Clint is a sore thumb for me in this novel, because I like him with Norah, but now some seeds has been planted and I am a little afraid to venture into book 2 because the more I think about it, is the more I see who I want her to pick from this square.

This might not be the most thrilling novel, but it is definitely a mystery with twists galore on the way. You don't get a great deal personality wise from the other characters except Norah, but the story pulls you in and have you waiting for the next piece of the puzzle to fall in place. It's like a hybrid of James Patterson and Abbi Glines ... yup! I said it! I honestly can't cement the feelings or vibe this book gives off, other than mystery, but I do know that I love the progression and can't wait to find out more in book 2!

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