Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Smitten By Lacey Weatherford

I like Cami and Dylan/Hunter, but this is not the story for them. The plot and series of events were majorly down played to the point where if not for the lies and continue reminders, I'd think it's a completely different story.

I think this undercover story worked for 'Crush', but it wasn't as appealing for 'Smitten'. I found the premise to be exciting, but the delivery was too teen drama. It was Snow White acting as the evil witch ... not very convincing at all!!!

We were barely engaged with the surrounding characters for an undercover case and I kept waiting for the adrenaline to kick in, and while it did at parts, it burned out real fast!!! It's like the author was afraid to get too in depth into the criminal network. You can have a high school/college romance about crime, but it's gotta be very believing, well written or be written by April Brookshire :)

I liked that Russ was present and that we got to back track and see the changes after the death of Clay and the investigation from book 1, but all of it wasn't necessary and the conversations were bordering on unbelievable and cheesy!!

Ripper seemed like a good guy, minus the stealing and stuff, but the childish side in the author left Cami shaking in her boots for a guy that has yet to show me a mean bone. If you ask me, he seems like a cool guy who actually cared about her. But due to the undying love she is suppose to feel for Dylan, he was always the devil. (Even a smidgen of interest would be more believable)

I never really saw Hunter (excuse me while I interchange name throughout), as a police officer in this one, much less an undercover one. It was easier to believe from book 1 because of the time of the reveal and the story line that focused more on the relationship they had as oppose to the case. In this one, it was all cop work, and it was all bad!

I understand Cami being a virgin but c'mon now ... the one and only sex scene could be better written, without getting all X rated. I had to re-read that part to make sure that the act was actually done. After all this time, we could have gotten more.

Also, everyone seemed to be pretty chill with a civilian planted in the middle of an undercover police investigation and that just once again take me back to the unrealistic level of this novel. I swear everyone from the parents to the best friend should be cited for court because this case was too widely discussed. It was like a gossip tree. I'm surprised Ripper didn't find out on his own or sooner. And no mob is that carefree to the point where they gonna forget about you and let you run away and live your HEA.

Still, I didn't mind reading at all. It might not get your juices going and keep it that way, but it wasn't an awfully written book either. It was well written with little to no grammatical errors. However, the premise and execution was weak. It was too bunny and sunshine for the thrill ride promised. But I did like the Vegas chapel scene ... that was different :)

To top it all off also, the ending was just as unbelievable (not in the exciting way) and very abrupt based on the execution and the crime. Left a lot to be desired and a few questions. I see there will be a book 3, so I don't know if that will be about revenge or just a book for Russ ... we'll see.


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